Are you looking for a wholesale tea seller to purchase tea for your commercial purposes, say for your office or store? If yes, then it’s time you begin thinking about all the important aspects and then make an informed decision as to which tea bag packaging you’d gravitate towards.

Here are some of these aspects that you need to consider right away while choosing your tea wholesaler: 

  • Quality Assurance

When you are new to the tea industry, it is best not to take any chances and rather choose only a seller who will provide exquisite tea bag packaging options and ensure that your tea leaves are of high quality. It is also important that the spices used in the tea are proportionately divided, and the ratio is perfectly aligned. Along with that, the high-quality tea leaves must be perfect for you. 

  • Provide a Complete Solution

It is especially important that when you choose a tea lea provider, you look for a complete solution rather than going with a seller and then relying on the packaging, shipping and branding from another supplier. Look for a supplier that can easily provide you with a complete solution that includes product, branding, packaging, shipping, and considerable industry knowledge.

  • Fresh Tea 

Another aspect to consider is that the tea leaves that come in each round are within weeks of processing. It is important that the tea leaves are fresh rather than being stale and old. Fresh leaves are wonderful, and taste yummier from the get go. However, ensure that all of the leaves have undergone the right processing and look great. 

  • Shipping is Key

Look for Australian tea companies that are capable of adhering to the standards you have set when it comes to ordering processing, shipping and delivery. You will want to ensure that they do also provide shipping like no other and that each order is processed and delivered within 24 to 48 days. This is crucial as you don’t want to have to decline clients’ tea as there is a delay in delivery of the tea leaves. 

  • Fully Scalable

There is literally no point in starting something unless it is scalable, especially in terms of business. Suppose you cannot buy tea from Australian tea companies that are unable to provide pyramid tea bags on wholesale or have no other variant of tea types to scale your business. In that case, there is no point in going ahead with the wholesaler. You must go ahead with a seller that can easily help you scale.