Things You Need to See in an Onboarding Tool

The HR department of an organization simply attaches a PDF file with an email or shares a link that a new team member can use to read terms, policies and procedures. When one email or a link can provide this information to a new team member, do you really need an onboarding tool? Keep in mind that one PDF file provides no idea of the culture of the organization. There is a reason why onboarding solutions exist and many organizations are using onboarding software. It helps a new team member learn about the organization, products, services, culture and more. 

It provides you with benefits like –

  • The new employee can be more productive right from the first day.
  • It starts an engagement.
  • It provides self-service access.
  • The onboarding process becomes well-structured.

There are plenty of onboarding solutions available on the market. Not every onboarding software will be suitable for your organization.

There are some key factors you need to consider to choose the right onboarding tool for your company. There is no benefit of having such a tool if it is difficult to use. What if the new employee has not used any onboarding tool before? Avoid a tool that is intricate. It should be easy to navigate. Here is what you need to see in an onboarding tool:

Mobile Optimization

Your onboarding tool should not make the new team member spend hours in front of a computer or laptop. A new employee has to learn more about the organization and the team. It is not easy and also not good for the new employee’s health. Therefore, choose a tool that your new employee can access using a smartphone or tablet. They can use this tool while laying on a bed relaxed.

Digital Functionalities

The HR department often sends out documents to the new employee. The newest member of the team signs these documents and sends them back to the department. Instead of sending reminders to the new team member for signing these documents, you can use the digital functionalities of your onboarding tool. You can automate many tasks of your onboarding workflow. Create a checklist of onboarding tasks and share it with the new employee. The new team member simply needs to enter username and password to check that checklist and complete all the onboarding formalities.


Every organization has unique onboarding processes and procedures. Moreover, you have more than one department in your organization. Therefore, make sure that the tool supports your customizable onboarding process for different locations and departments. 

Centralized Access to Information

The new member of the team does not know much about other team members. If you use cloud based intranet software, make sure that you can integrate your onboarding solution with your intranet software so that the new employees can see the profiles of other team members, tasks and projects. 

Employee Self-Service

This self-service helps in avoiding human errors while updating profiles. This saves the time of the candidate.

In the end, make sure that you invest in cloud-based onboarding software.