Tea Bag Packaging

In much of this urbanised world, we all have become accustomed to preferring convenience on top of the quality factor, especially when it comes to the goods that we purchase in routine. For instance, with considering loose tea packs over quality tea bag packaging, an average person tries his level best to buy things that benefit the well being in the long term. 

Differently, if you own a classic restaurant or a local vintage style cafe, then definitely, tea will stay on top of the list. Seeing your guests indulge in the fresh aroma of the best tea leaves in Australia is definitely among the things you perhaps wish for. However, the only possible way is to buy quality packaged tea bags instead of loose tea leaves packs. Yes, we meant purchasing rich in aroma, fresh, and high-quality tea blends from trusted Australian tea companies that have got a soulful taste, perfect for a quick dose of energy anytime. 

Still not convinced? Here are three factors that will help you understand clearly why pyramid tea leaves bags are a signature ingredient in every premium Australian cafe or restaurant. Take a look. 

#1 Quality 

Consuming a popular beverage like tea in its whole and natural form compared to the store packed tea bags has more benefits. The delicious flavour, freshness, and nutritional benefits are just the basics. But, apparently, the most notable use that comes along with the loose blends like black tea leaves is the superior quality. And did you know that such tea blends lose their oils and aroma very quickly when not packed precisely, like in a minute, leaving the tea completely flavourless? So, make sure to buy leaf tea processed in-house with the best standards. 

#2 Artificial Additives 

Imagine a flavourless and flat tea? The reason behind it can be artificial additives and flavours. Often, loose tea leaves dilute with ingredients that enhance the colour and taste. Additionally, such harmful chemicals coat the actual tea bag packaging. While boiling it with the water, these chemicals absorb into the water present and then settle down into your bloodstream quickly, more than one can imagine. So, buy handpicked flavours, refined in house, and ensure a perfect hit. 

#3 Flavour 

As far as quality is concerned primarily, so is the tea flavour. Traditional production of tea leaves involves processes like sorting, hand plucking, rolling, and other techniques that vary the different types. And when this usually happens under the mass production base, the tea leaves lose their aroma, flavour, and oils significantly. As a result, you get nothing but a cup of tea with a bland and dull taste. So skip the fannings taste and go for something rich and refreshing. 

In the end, brewing a revitalising cup of tea for your lovely guests in a teapot may seem an easy process. However, it can be only beautiful and absolute when you choose to buy the best tea leaves packaged with quality having a fresh, wholesome, and long-lasting taste.