Interior of a modern office

Over the last few years, businesses have started recognising their employees as their biggest assets. Instead of giving them any odd desk to work on, businesses organisations are now trying to make the workplace as comfortable as possible for the employees. Instead of clamping maximum number of workstations in the available office space, focus has now shifted to ensure productivity and process functionality. Happy employees will stay content with the company, so that they will stay loyal to the employers and maximise their productivity. There are several types of office workstations available to choose from, but the one that you buy depends on the level of privacy you want to give to your employees, the level of interaction your employees need to do with each other, and a few other factors.

You can consider any of the following workstation types for your business according to your preference.

office workstation

Linear Cubicle Style Workstations

These office workstations are lined up in rows and the employees do not need to face each other while working, if they are sitting. However, they can access each other if they stand up. Therefore, these cubicle style workstations provide a medium level of privacy to the employees while working. Many people prefer these workstations, because they allow the employees to interact with each other without compromising privacy. However, there is no sound proofing and the person sitting in the cubicle next to you can stand up and peep into your cubicle easily.

Open Bench Type Workstations

In this type of workstations, employees must sit and work in open view of one another. There is clear demarcation for each employee’s workspace, and there is almost no partition in between. This is a simple form of benching in which employees sit facing each other in rows. This kind of office workstations are ideal for offices in which employees need to interact with each other quite often for work. Since there is no partition in between, the employees can easily access each other without leaving their seat every now and then.

Private Office Type Workstations

Private office type workstations give completely independent room, cabin or cubicle to individual employee. This type of office workstations is often assigned to manager and executive level workers, because their job is often objective and independent. These workstations offer total privacy with floor to ceiling walls or partitions. They are often bigger in size than cubicles, and they are often separated from other sections of the office. The separating walls or panels completely screen out any noise and distractions. However, sometimes these walls may be made of transparent glass, so that they can keep a watch on their activities.

Team Type Workstations

These office workstations are often designed for teams that must work together and interact with each other quite often. For instance, if your sales department has five people, then this kind of workstation will have five seats to accommodate the five members to work together as a team. All the team members can have easy access to each other, so that they can interact with each other without any obstructions. At the same time, it blocks out other people outside the group. All the team members have some of their own equipment like computers, while some equipment needs to be shared by the whole team, such as printer, file cabinet, stationery, etc.

While these are some of the most popular types of office workstations, you can even get them customised as per the needs and preferences of your employees. Whichever type you choose, make sure that they are comfortable for everyone working inside, and you also need to keep them maintained to maximise productivity.