cheap firewood in Sydney

Did you know that you should never buy firewood directly cut down from a tree? Why? Because this new firewood directly cut from a tree consists of moisture. It means that it is hard to burn and will produce excess smoke when burnt. It is not only unpleasant but also leads to smoke build-up in the chimney that is dangerous if not detected or dealt with properly. So whenever you go forward to buy wood logs for sale, it is important that you look for dry firewood that has been properly seasoned. 

With the cheap firewood in Sydney that is properly seasoned, you can easily make the purchase decision. Let’s look at some of the points before you buy firewood for sale near you.

Moisture Level is Main

Good burning firewood contains 15% and 20% moisture levels. The burning efficiency goes down and the production of smoke is up. For this, there are two types of choices that you can go for. Seasoned and kiln-dried firewood.

Cheap Seasoned Firewood In Sydney 

Seasoned firewood is trending among the customers because it is a Firewood that has been properly dried for a long duration. Seasoned firewood is cut down properly, stored in the right place and allowed to dry for 6 months maximum. It means there is a great time to wait. But, if you need firewood sooner than 6 months you should go for kiln dried firewood.

Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln-dried firewood is a type of seasoned firewood. One of the best things about this firewood is it is easily available for quicker use. The kiln is a type of oven that can drive the firewood in 75 minutes. If you drive the firewood in a kiln the internal temperature of the wood is 140 degrees to 160 degrees. It reduces the amount of moisture to 10 to 20%. Moisture level and the quick drying time are the two major benefits of kiln-dried firewood. Not only this, this process kills fungus and bugs. The wood dries so quickly and completely that the formation of mild you and mould is totally eliminated. As a result, kiln-dried firewood has a lot of advantages to the consumer and the environment.

Enjoy Top-notch Quality Firewood For Sale Near You 

The selection is all up to you. Whether you want to go for seasoned firewood or kiln-dried firewood. It’s important that you understand all the benefits of both the firewoods. Many prefer kiln-dried firewood over seasoned firewoods.