Golf tournaments are attended by thousands of people and they are one of the most effective ways to carry out a fundraiser. Not only that, but sports like golf offer an amazing opportunity for marketing, particularly with the help of golf tee signs.

The thing with golf course tee signs is that they can be used for other things too! 

Don’t know the other uses of golf tee signs? Don’t worry, we got you! Below, we are going to list down some of the many and clever uses of golf club tee signs.

5 Clever Uses Of Golf Signs

  1. Directions

During golf matches, people are going to move around, like a lot, which means you need to have signs that would guide them as the match is being carried out. 

Golf signs can be used to guide the watchers. All you have to do is design a range of signs that would direct the attendants around the designated areas during the event. 

You can also use them to tell people where the restrooms, guest lounge and other facilities are! 

  1. Marketing For Sponsors 

Golf signs and golf ball tee signs can be used to thank the sponsors or to tell the attendants who made the event possible, especially during big events. 

From the sponsors of the lunch, the snacks, the breakfast and other facilities, you want to mention them on the golf signs and the golf ball tee signs as a thank you for making things happen. 

  1. Rules For The Day

Having rules is important, especially during golf events, and reminding people or telling them what they are is necessary too.

Golf signs can be used to list down all the rules that are required to be followed by everyone that’s attending the event. From the things that could be allowed to the things that are banned or could get you removed from the event, make sure you have them all listed on the golf signs! 

  1. Make It As A Sign

It’s a sign, so why not use it as a sign? 

You can literally put anything on the golf sign during the event. From the rules of the event to directions and the name of the sponsors or even a joke that would brighten up the day of someone, you can put anything on that sign. 

  1. Caution And Warnings 

Golf courses are unique and they’re not even, which is why you should have caution and warning boards everywhere.

Try to use the golf signs as a warning or as a caution to tell people what’s ahead or what’s on the sides or what they should look out for. 


Golf signs can be used to warn people, to thank the sponsors, to list down the rules, to make a sign, and to tell people where the next event or waiting area is. The amount of things that you can do with the signs cannot be listed.

Did we miss out on anything above? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below!