Sport Injuries

Wearing protective sports gear is recommended but you cannot be sure about sports injuries sometimes it might be internal injuries which need to be cured.   So, you cannot prevent every sports injury, but you can know how to get your treatment done with best available doctors. Sports injuries are those injuries which usually occur while engaging in physical exercises or sports. The sports injuries are most likely to happen due to several reasons like overtraining, improper techniques or lack of conditioning. These injuries usually occur when the concerned sportsman usually fail to warm up. The sprains, strains, bruises or broken bones can result from the sports injuries. The soft tissues like the ligaments, muscles, fascia, tendons & fascia are most likely to be affected during the sports injuries. TBI or Traumatic brain injury is another most likely sports injury which occurs in the sportspersons.

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Here are some of the very common sports injuries and their treatments for your ready reference.

Sport Injuries

  • Pulled Muscle – Pulled muscle can occur in various parts of the body namely the shoulders, low back, groin, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves. This condition usually occurs once a particular muscle tear or overstretched. The symptoms of a pulled muscle can be many. The victim can experience swelling, pain, inability to move the affected part, weakness etc. If the injury is minor, it may be resolved with the process of RICE – Rest, Ice, and Compression & Elevation. Also, NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be used in order to manage the swelling and pain in the affected area. If the injury is very serious, then a doctor needs to be consulted.
  • Torn ACL – The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is responsible for holding the knee joint together & provides adequate stability. A torn ACL injury can be caused due to landing in a wrong way, getting a direct blow on the knee or stopping quickly. The victim who has suffered a torn ACL might have chances of hearing a popping sound & then feel that the knee does not function any longer. A victim who has suffered from torn ACL may find it difficult to work. A torn ACL is required to be reconstructed with the help of surgery. Even physiotherapies are often being used to treat and completely cure this condition.
  • Torn MCL – MCL or Medial collateral ligament is responsible for connecting the upper leg bone called femur to the large lower leg bone termed as the tibia. This is located on the inner side of the knee. The MCL is badly injured when the joint tends to push sideways or there is a direct blow on the knee. A torn MCL may result in joint instability, swelling and extreme pain. The condition can be treated by applying ice, bracing or physiotherapy. In case he MCL is quite severe, then surgery is being recommended by the doctor.
  • Stress Fracture – This is an injury which occurs while the muscles are not able to absorb that impact caused by physiotherapy. Under such a condition, the bone absorbs the pressure and that results into the breaking of the bone. The stress fractures can occur while you increase the activity too quickly. Majority of the stress fractures are seen to occur in the feet and lower legs. Sometimes, a special brace or shoe is quite helpful in reducing the stress on the bone and facilitates the healing of the condition.
  • Shin Splints –   This condition is an aching, throbbing or stabbing pain which is felt of the lower legs. Extreme pain can occur when the tendons and muscles around the tibia are inflamed. Adequate resting, stretching & applying ice can facilitate the curing of shin splints. NSAIDs are also used to reduce the swelling and pain.


You must be very careful to avoid sports injuries. A proper warm up before every session may help in preventing the sports injuries to a large extent.