Blocked Toilets

Unnecessary to say, the blocked toilets are a nightmare to many people. The blocked toilet can be of a significant damage to you. Thus, we do understand how annoying and irritating this problem can be. It is not only a problem trying to deal with, but also you feel unpleasant in such conditions. So, how do you clear all your messy things up? When you look around you, know that several solutions can get you rid of your blocked toilets such as plungers. But what if you don’t have a plunger?

You do not need to worry, we have got that all figured out for you in advance.

Blocked sewer pipes are a common reason for blocked toilets. Sewer pipes can be damaged by a variety of things including – but certainly not limited to – invasive tree roots, improper installation, earthquakes, and the normal wear and tear that happens to everything over time. The job of a sewer inspection is to find out where the problem is located in the pipe, as well as its nature and severity.

What are generally the problems of a blocked toilet?

Well, some of the common problems of blocked toilet include the following:

  • The toilet getting filled up with water
  • The flush occurring on a continuous basis
  • Toys or any other heavy object gets blocked within the toilet
  • Issues related to sewer blockage

One thing you need to note is that whenever you encounter with a blocked toilet, you should refrain from flushing. Your constant attempt to flush and clean up the toilet will only complicate the problem instead of solving it.

Blocked Toilets

How to solve the problems related to blocked toilet?

While blocked toilets are a huge problem, they are easy to solve if you take proper care. Therefore, the instructions mentioned below will help you determine the process to clean up your toilet without a plunger. In this case, you will require hot water and shampoo to clean up your clogged toilet.

What are the things you will be requiring?

When you head towards cleaning up your clogged toilet, here is a list of things that you need to unclog it.

  • Have some toilet paper stored with you when you are attempting to clean up the clogged toilet.
  • A liquid that easily gets sudsy such as shampoo, dishwashing liquid or even liquid soap.
  • Ensure to have some hot water, although it should not be in the boiling mode.
  • A bucket full of water will help you move the water towards the toilet when you are attempting to clean it.

How do you clean the blocked toilet?

Mentioned below are the steps you can follow to unclog the clogged toilets:

  • Pour the hot water: This method definitely works out when you are trying to clean up the clogged toilet. When you pour some hot water into the toilet sink, it will help to unclog the blocked toilet. It will be useful to save you against any embarrassment. However, you need to give some time, as it will heat up the sink. The water must be hot enough to heat the sink quickly.
  • Apply liquid: When the water is heating, allow the dish wash liquid or liquid soaps to sink in. If not any of these, you can also use liquid solution. It will help to unclog while acting as the efficient lubricant.
  • Dump the water into the toilet: As the lubricant settles in, keep on adding the hot water from the sink to that of the toilet bowl. However, ensure that the water is hot. You need to wait for some time and watch the liquid and warm water unclog the toilet.
  • Repeat the process and flush it off: When the water has done its job, you will watch the blocked toilet being unclogged. Repeat the process once again. Then repeat all the process and try out to flush it off. If you do it, then for sure your bathroom is to get unclogged.

If you are suffering from a blocked toilet problem, you can try out this step. This will help you for sure.