Blocked Drains

A blocked drain may cause a great inconvenience to any building and its inhabitants. Water in the shower and the sink area will drain very slowly when there is an occurrence of blocked drains. Water starts to overflow from the gully when it gets blocked. A blocked drain also results in foul smell as water is held up by the drain. If you are having blocked drains in your home or workplace, you must summon a professional plumber to clear the drains. The plumber can diagnose the issue properly and solve the problem of a blocked drain.

There can be several reasons behind blocked drains. To prevent blocked drains, you must clean the drains on a regular basis to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grease. In the realm of plumbing, prevention is always better than cure. If you take a quick action for the blocked drain, you may prevent issues from aggravating. If nothing is done timely, the issue of blocked drain can be very costly and inconvenient. On the basis of the causes of blocked drains, you may undertake preventative measures. No matter what the reason behind it, you must call a plumber for drain cleaning.

The Accumulation of Grease Is the Leading Cause of Blocked Drain

Blocked Drains

When you are washing dishes, grease and fats from the dishes find way down the sink of the kitchen. The grease cannot move down the drain with water but instead sticks to the pipe and eventually causes blocked drains. Make sure you do not pour fats and greasy substances down the drain. It will be good if you allow the grease to cool down and then scrape it off. It may be then thrown off in the garbage.

Tree Roots Can Cause Blocked Drains

You already know that tree roots spread underground and are attracted to the areas that are wet. Leaky pipes and drains offer the required moisture to the tree roots and so the roots spread and extend their growth. This eventually leads to blocked drains. In such case, you should hire a plumber to clean the drains. They cut the tree roots that block the pipes. It will be better if you can replace the drain component and keep it leak free or water tight. Replacing the section will help avoid any future problem. Twigs, dead leaves and garden debris can also cause blocked drain. Blocked drain is common in the autumn season as it is that time when the trees shed leaves. Therefore, consider clearing drains and gutter regularly to get rid of leaves and twigs.

Hair Strands Getting Tangled

Hair strands in large volumes get tangled inside the drains to cause blocked drain. After a while, they form heaps and get mixed with other drain substances. After you finish bathing, remove hair from the shower area and throw it off. The drainage system must be checked on a regular basis and the accumulated materials should be thrown off.

Toilet Rubbish and Toilet Trash

Toilet trash and toilet rubbish such as toilet paper, soap pieces and cotton balls can accumulate in the drains to cause blockage in the drain. Such things may get stuck up and accumulate inside the drain. They cause a jam in the drain causing great convenience. Do not throw tissue papers, toys, and soap bits in the toilet. It is important to throw the toilet waste into the trash.

Do not disregard or ignore a blocked drain. If you ignore blocked drain, it may lead to greater problem. Never flush away garbage in the toilet. For professional drain cleaning service, call a reliable, licensed and certified plumber.