Clocks have changed a lot of the last few hundred years with the traditional analogue clocks being replaced generally by digital ones. However, many people still love the sounds, smells, and beauty of antique clocks, especially grandfather clocks. If you have a grandfather clock or are looking to purchase one, here is some advice to help you keep it in excellent condition, and full working order.

Keep Your Clock Level

If you want to ensure that your clock works correctly and it keeps excellent time, you need to make sure that you keep it on a flat and level surface. Before setting your grandfather clock in its desired position, take a spirit level and make sure that the floor is 100% level. If the grandfather clock is old, the wood may have become damaged or warped, meaning that even if your floor is level, it may sit unevenly. If your clock is sitting on an uneven surface, then you will notice that it may not keep the correct time, running either fast or slow.


                                               Image Source: Unsplash

Keep The Clock In Use

One thing that is essential to remember with grandfather clocks is that you need to keep them wound and working, which helps to keep the workings in excellent condition and working correctly. If the clock sits too long and not in use, the metal inside can corrode and become brittle, and the lubrication of the inner workings can dry out. Try and ensure that the room that the clock is in is kept dry and as free from humidity as possible, as this can affect the accuracy of the antique clock and speed up metal corrosion. As well as keeping it in working order, you will also need to keep your grandfather clock clean.

Keeping It Clean

When you look at the condition of some of the grandfather clocks at, you will see that many of them look like they could have been made yesterday, as they have been lovingly taken care of, keeping them in excellent condition. If you want yours to look like this in many years to come, then you will need to ensure that you keep it clean. You will want to clean the surface of the clock with a damp cloth, making sure it is not wet, and remove any dust and dirt from its surface. You should do this every week, and then you should also wax and polish the wood every few months, which will keep it shiny and looking fantastic.

Have Your Grandfather Clock Professionally Serviced

The inner workings of your clock may require servicing from time to time, and this will need to be done by a professional who knows what they are doing. To keep it in excellent running condition and to prolong the working life of the grandfather clock, you should get it serviced every two or three years. The professional will ensure that the inner workings are well oiled and working correctly, helping it to keep excellent time.

Following the above advice will help to keep your grandfather clock not only looking in excellent condition but also help to keep excellent time and carry on working for many years to come.