If you’re sick of your current furnishings, but don’t want the hassle and cost of a full remodel, then simply revamping your hardware can give the room a fresh new feel. By updating your pulls, knobs and handles you can change the color scheme or a new contrast that pops in your home and makes it a more comfortable, personalized place to be. Read on for some helpful tips to update your kitchen for 2020.


Large sleek pulls give a bigger surface for a nice color contrast. Kitchen trends going into 2020 indicate that oversized pulls are very popular, particularly in larger kitchens, where they offset the excess space by bringing the cabinets and drawers in towards the centre of the room. For those that have larger hardware installed and want a change, bring the size down to create a streamlined modern display, give a white cabinet a fresh coat and team it with minimalist gold pulls or knobs for a pleasing pairing.


Think Of Color

Probably the easiest way to give a fresh take on a room is to change up the color scheme. For basic white-doored cabinets a set of black quartz knobs or black matte pulls give a chic contrast. Black and white is a timeless theme for any room in your home, particularly the kitchen, and the accented pulls and knobs keep the light and space you’ll want. Copper and gold tones offer a touch of class to bathrooms or kitchens in any scenario.

Mix Up Metals

If your metal hardware is in good condition you should consider overhauling the color or finish for a brand-new appearance. There are a couple of effective ways to remove paint from metal without exposing your home to chemicals. Firstly place the hardware in a crockpot of soapy water and let it do its thing. You’ll be able to scrub off the now-loose paint with a nylon brush. Alternatively fill a pot you don’t mind disposing of afterwards with water and enough baking soda to coat the bottom of the pot. Leave the hardware in there to simmer away and the paint will be falling off after half an hour or so.

Remember All Rooms

Hardware also goes beyond the kitchen. Spruce up bathroom vanity cabinets with natural stone knobs for a little sparkle – golden framed gemstones are ideal to bring class and color. Bring a shot of color into your living room by using marble over wood cabinets. No matter which room you want to breathe new life into you can do it on a budget and with some creativity. Glass is a good example of a material growing in popularity that is available in a range of colors and finishes.

Upcycling hardware is a fantastic, cost-effective way of upgrading your home without ripping out fixtures or fully renovating. Consider your options on new materials – or giving your existing ones a new lease of life – and your home will look like it has just had a makeover.