How Do Crystals And Stones Work

Crystals consist of energies and all energy has varying frequencies and vibrations. Different crystals have different frequencies such as the structure of the mineral, what color and shape it has also affects. Crystals grow over time and evolve all the time just like humans, animals and nature.

We have been using crystals for a long time but people still don’t know how to learn about crystals. Already in the Middle Ages, people worked with “magic bags” which, among other things, contained various stones. Rich kings and nobles have adorned themselves with crystals and we can even find large amounts of quartz around the pyramids that were built during the life of the ancient Egyptians.

How do you use crystals?

There is really no limit when it comes to using crystals for beginners. The most important thing when choosing crystals is to take the help of your intuition. Which stone are you drawn to? Then read about that particular crystal and its properties. I promise you will find just the right crystal.

For example, you can hold a crystal during meditation or use the crystal healing therapy as a meditation object.

You can also carry smaller crystals in your pocket, bag or carry them as jewelry. Many people place slightly larger crystals in well-chosen places in their home to balance the energies in the home while others clean their tarot cards or oracle cards with crystals. There is absolutely no right or wrong here, but feel for what suits you best.

One tip is to make crystal water. I do not recommend placing the crystal in the water as some minerals become directly toxic.

Instead, make your crystal water like this:

  1. Fill a glass or carafe with water
  2. Place some crystals around your glass or carafe.

Let this stand overnight, preferably in the moonlight of a full moon.

  1. Drink your crystal water and note that it feels a little smoother and softer than usual!

The meaning & function of the crystals

Because there are so many crystals, here are tips about some of them and what you can use them for.

To found you and land in the present, I recommend using moss sawdust or smoky quartz as these help you get down in laps while they provide contact with the earth and protection.

If you have difficulty sleeping, you can choose blue calcite instead. If you want to be more focused instead, amethyst is an excellent choice!

To open the heart and invite more courage, rose quartz, amazonite or selenite are really wonderful crystals to work with.

Last tip is a classic, namely the rock crystal. This crystal is cleansing and can be used to advantage to cleanse negative energies from both objects and our body. It can also be used to strengthen other crystals.

You can also use crystals for beginners to balance chakras.  Place crystals in the same color as my chakras, on seven chakra punks directly on the body. In pictures you can see how the crystals are placed. Either you choose your own crystals according to the colors that represent each chakra. Or you choose a finished Chakrakit with a selected crystal for each chakra.

Clean & Program your crystals

A good and safe way to purify your crystals is with the help of the smoke from sage. I usually put my crystals in the moonlight and thus clean and charge them. Palo Santo sticks I usually use to create a positive or sacred energy in the crystals. Some crystals can be purified by putting them in water while others can’t tolerate sunlight or water, so read about this before.

After you have cleaned your crystals, you can, if you want, program them. Hold the crystal in your hands and decide what intention you want to put in this particular crystal. Close your eyes and focus on this intention while blowing the intention into your crystal. You can also visualize how you moved your intention from yourself into your crystal.