stone pavers

Our home is the place where we can use our instinct and imagination to give it the best look that we want. All of us imagine our home to be decorated in certain ways, and that imagination is not just limited to interiors, decorations, wallpapers and paints. The look of our house from the outside also needs to be fed, so that it can live up to our expectations. The outside of the house, including walkways, driveways, way to the front and back, backyard, lawns etc. also get a touch of our imagination with good indoor and outdoor stone pavers. Let’s see how.

What is Paving?

Paving a way means laying stones on the front and the backyard of your house. Usually, the passage that we use to walk into and out of the house needs paving. The process of paving includes:

  • Laying of stones, known as paving, is usually done in a symmetrical and flat manner.
  • Usually a wide variety of paving stones are available that can be used for making indoor and outdoor stone pavers.
  • The paving stones are usually laid out like fitting pieces of a puzzle. All types of shapes and sizes are cut into these stones. Then these stones are laid out and each stone is interlocked with each other using the cut sides.
  • Sometimes, paving is done in indoor and outdoor stone pavers with stones, bricks, and concrete. All these are mixed together to pave the pathway, thus making the way easy to work on.

Options Available for Indoor and Outdoor Stone Pavers

In recent times, house owners have become innovative with the appearance of their homes. The rising concern has given rise to the popularity of indoor and outdoor stone pavers. It not only makes the house look classy from outside, but you can even go for paving places inside the house if you are fond of in-house gardens. There are many options available in the market these days for paving.

  • You can go for either natural pavers or artificial pavers. Natural pavers are stones that are cut into various shapes and sizes. Artificial pavers are made with concrete.
  • Brick pavers are also artificial pavers as they are manufactured. These have high sustainability and can stand tough weather conditions.
  • If you want that old ancient yet classic look for your home, then you can get it with cobblestones. These give a castle-like feel and are natural pavers as these stones are available naturally. These stones are shaped and set appropriately while paving.
  • Rubber pavers are also becoming increasingly popular, as they require little maintenance and are usually made up of recycled tires. This type of paving is non-slippery and offers good foothold along with longevity even during the rainy season.
  • You can also choose to pave your walkways with bluestones while going for indoor and outdoor stone pavers. These stones are natural and are a mix of sand and other natural elements.
  • If you live in a place that is hot most of the times, then go for flagstones, as they tend to have more heat absorbing power and keeps the area cool. These stones usually come from sand quarries and are quite hard in nature.
  • Travertine offers a unique look with blocks of stone set into your pathways. These stones have a nice texture as well as small grooves in it. It lasts long and makes your paving look cool.

Choose the paver you want for your home and see the look of your house changing with the completion of paving. Make sure to shortlist the options, keeping in mind all the vital points of professional selection.