Concrete Planter Boxes

Concrete has always been known as a sustainable material that is used for making sturdy and robust items. Concrete, owing to its texture and it’s rigidity, can be used for making concrete planter boxes as well. They are not only very sturdy and durable but are also easy to make. Concrete is durable and concrete can be reused if you want to reuse them for a long time. Since they are durable, they give you the best value for money. If you are looking for a planter box which will be weather-resistant as well as durable, these concrete planter boxes are exactly what you need. Inside these boxes, you can grow an exorbitant range of flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and so on.

Benefits Of Concrete Planter Boxes

Concrete Planter Boxes

There are a number of benefits of using concrete planter boxes. Given below are some of the most remarkable benefits of concrete planter boxes:

  • They Are Durable: concrete is material which is very durable and strong. Making a planter with concrete also assures you that the planter will not become brittle or start rotting over time. Apart from that, concrete planter boxes are heavy. So, you can easily keep them as part of outdoor gardening plans, and you can also measure their sizes and install them at the side of pavements in your area.
  • They Are Spacious: Many plants require big containers so that the roots have enough space to grow. The concrete planters are huge and spacious. They are very strong, and hence, the strong roots of bigger plants cannot break the pot easily.
  • They Provide Great Insulation: The concrete planter pots also provide great insulation to the soil, protecting it from the temperature fluctuations. The light colour of the pot doesn’t attract much heat, which could otherwise damage the roots and cause dryness of the soil.
  • They Are Used As Decorative Items: Concrete is versatile when it comes to being added as a decorative item. Concrete can either be painted or even left bare for a natural and mossy appearance. One can also add tiles on the outer surface of the concrete planter box so as to add a pop of colour to the box. Since concrete is porous, there is no water seepage, as water dries out fast and the interior décor remains intact.

How To Maintain Concrete Planter Boxes?

Given below are some of the ways in which you can keep your concrete planter boxes looking beautiful for longer:

  1. Make sure that the potting soil that you are using while planting is extremely lightweight. Heavier soils can cause the pot to bow or crack.
  2. To maintain the appearance of the planter, you have to wash the planter on a regular basis. You can also wax the surface of the planter lightly.
  3. Wash the planter pot with a washing cloth. You can also use lukewarm soapy water if you want.
  4. Keep your planter away from materials like steel wool or abrasive sponges which can cause scratches in your planter.

Additional Information

Concrete Planter Boxes

While using concrete planter boxes, you need to make sure that the soil you are using is ideally suited for planters and containers. If you want to be sure about using the right kind of soil, you will have to consult with a professional and then determine the right kind of soil which is to be used.

If you are keeping the concrete planter box outdoors, you will have to make sure that you drill enough holes in the planter so that the excess water can easily drain off. Improper use and installation of the planter can cause damage to it as well as the plant.