As the standard of living of people has risen over a span of time, the use of cars has increased greatly too. They are no longer a luxury, instead, have become a necessity these days. It is not a surprise to see more than one car in one household. Every family member now needs his or her own personal car. Due to the increasing number of car users, the demand for car parts has increased too. There are various complex parts in every vehicle that enables smooth functioning and reliable transportation.

Different spare parts have different utilities and functions, and you need to know a bit about them so that you can choose them when needed. These parts can be manufactured by a reputed car manufacturer, or even by a local company that tries to make money by manufacturing fake or duplicate car parts. It is important to buy original parts only, as using duplicate parts may null the warranty of your car and may even cause damage to your car’s other parts.  Some of the spare parts that are highly in demand and are most commonly sold include the following:


Gear Box

A gearbox can be categoryzed into manual and automatic models. Nowadays, most of the cars have automatic gearboxes which are pretty convenient as compared to the ordinary manual gearboxes. Gears are switched from one level to another to change the vehicle speed. Also, it helps to transfer the power of the engine to the wheels of the car. The one that you buy may vary from one car model to the other.


This is a vital structure of any contemporary car model. It is the skeleton of the car on which the wheels, brakes, engine, transmission and steering mechanism are installed. The design of modern cars varies and with the advancement in tech features, separate frames are used in modern cars nowadays. Each car model has a different chassis that you need to buy individually.


The engine is indeed one of the most essential components for the smooth functioning of a vehicle. Various types of engines are used in vehicles, including electrical engines, 3 stroke and 4 stroke cylinder engines. Such varieties are available in various online stores at pocket-friendly prices. The diesel engine is used in trucks and buses. The gasoline engine is also used in vehicles as it is available readily and flexible too. Electrical engines are also used in many advanced vehicles, as it runs on electricity and causes less pollution. The engine that you buy also depends on your particular car make and model.

Oil Filters

Mainly, motor oil is used to lubricate the interior parts of the vehicle. It also helps to cool the engine, but oil gets saturated with contaminants and this causes damage to the interior parts of the vehicle. Oil filters are utilised to filter the engine oil and then it is distributed throughout the engine. But these filters need to be replaced from time to time, due to which these are very common spare parts sold in auto part shops.

Steering Wheels

This is one of the important spare parts and particularly used to select different directions and help to steer the vehicle. There are various types of steering wheels which can be used for various types of vehicles. Find the right steering wheel that can be customised according to your personal needs and preferences. Steering wheels can also be customised with a variety of accessories, such as steering wheel cover, knob wheel, etc.


Henceforth, keep the above-mentioned list of spare parts in mind before you make the final buying decision. Apart from this, you need to have the knowledge of auto detailing supplies and know which part you need to replace and find the right price for that particular part from the dealer. There are many dealers out there who will help you get the high-quality spare parts at a fair price.