Water Leaks

No one wants to find damp patches on a wall at home, but it happens a lot more than you would think. It is primarily due to leaking water pipes behind the wall. A house is a complex collection of many systems; water, electric, gas and a waste removal system called a drain and then there is the roof, which, if defective, can result in damp getting into the walls.

  • Check the Corners – The corners of a room are likely places to find evidence of water.
  • Look for Discolouration – The presence of water usually darkens a shade, so if you notice a patch of wall that is darker than the rest, this should be investigated.
  • Musty Smells – When plaster becomes damp, it will give off a musty odour, similar to wet clothing in a confined space, and this is a sign that something is not right. There is a great article online on how to find leaks in walls, which you can also refer to for further details.
  • Bubble-Like Texture – This often manifests itself on ceilings, caused by dripping water from a roof leak, which seeps into the wall, causing the paint to bubble. This could be very slight at first, so do check periodically along all walls and ceilings, and damp is a big concern in the UK, with the high level of moisture in the air, thanks to the wet climate we have.
  • Looking for Mould – Mould is another issue that is connected to dampness, which typically begins with tiny black dots that grow in size. Plaster that is saturated in water is the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew, and this can be dangerous to the occupants.

Water Leaks

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Water from the Drainage System

When you find cracks in your foundation, the very first thing you wonder is if you are going to have leaks. Water finds its way into your basement through cracks if they are big enough, and you can have an issue with a wet basement or crawl space. You will need to call a professional as soon as possible  to check for foundation leaks.

It isn’t only the mains water that can be a source of damp, and if you happen to suffer a blocked drain, 24/7 Drainage Solutions has a reliable drain unblocking service in which they use CCTV technology to source the blockage, which saves digging up half of the garden. When faced with a blocked drain, you are advised to call in the experts, as any home fix is likely to make matters worse, besides, finding the leak is a challenge in itself. The experts have the know-how and equipment to quickly locate the blockage and clear it, and they can easily be found with a Google search.

Of course, any dripping sounds in the home should be investigated, which might be a leaking tap, or it could be water dripping from a pipe behind a sink or bath. If this is not addressed, it will cause damage to the walls. Ceramic tiles popping off is a sure sign of a damp bathroom wall, and any wet room should be inspected regularly for signs of damp. Water and plaster should never meet and if they do, the plaster will begin to decompose, and any signs of damp should be promptly investigated and repaired as soon as possible.

A wet basement can create the perfect conditions for bacteria and mold to thrive, leading to various health hazards. French drains – an effective basement waterproofing system that keeps basements dry by channeling water away from the home’s foundation.