Footwear Accessories

You have probably heard about the saying, “You can judge a person by their shoes,” and it is right. Research has revealed that people have predicted a striking 90% accuracy on personality traits solely based on their shoes. Shoes say a lot about who you are as a person. The shoe type you prefer to wear or how you take care of it can explain a few things.

Buying an expensive shoe to present a positive image is not enough. To project an everlasting outlook, you must take proper care of your shoes. If you polish your shoes before stepping out, well done, but let me tell you that regular polishing is not enough. Even after polishing, a shoe can lose its appeal and shine.

Apart from shoe polish, there are a few accessories, such as shoe horns and cream, which you should own for keeping care of your shoes. These accessories will not only make the shoe look even better, but also provide a longer life.

Thus, let’s know about the mush-have shoe accessories and their importance.

#1 Shoe Polish

Just like how we need moisture, our shoes need polishing. Shoe polishing will not only give a shine but also prevent your shoe from cracking. Properly polished shoes will provide a great first impression. There are a few types of shoe polish, such as cream-based and liquid-based.

#2 Shoe Horns

Do you experience difficulty while putting on a shoe? If yes, then shoe horns are what you need.  Shoe horns are specially designed tools to fit your shoes perfectly without any hassle. Moreover, they keep the heel cup intact, which usually damages while wearing a shoe. Owning a shoe horn is equal to protecting your shoe and holding its shape intact.

#3 Shoe Deo

Smelly feet can cause embarrassing moments. So, if you want to know how to remove it, a shoe deo is the key. It is an easy-to-use item, which will prevent the odour caused by the extended wear of shoes or sweating. A shoe deodorant can also keep the bacteria and fungi away, keeping the shoe healthy.

#4 Shoe Shampoo

Clothes are not the only daily items that need laundry. Our shoes also need proper cleaning at least once a week. Shoe shampoo is a specially designed formula to clean out all the dirt present on the shoe. Exposing delicate shoes to regular soap can be damaging. Thus, always go for a shoe shampoo to clean the shoes. It will maintain the shine and keep them healthy.

#5 Shoe Trees

Not every shoe is capable of maintaining their true shape and facilitate all the functions. With an appropriate shoe tree, you can let your leather shoes maintain their shape, pull out moisture and prevent cracking. It also helps in drying out the shoes. Investing in a good quality shoe tree will help you in increasing the durability of your shoes and keep your fine shoes always fine for years.

Final Words

These were some shoe accessories to take care of the shoe’s health. Shoe accessories are not just ways to keep your shoe presentable, but also expand their life span. Without proper care, shoes can lose their lustre and shape. No matter how expensive your shoes are, it needs routine maintenance.

Similarly, these accessories will prevent many discomforts like odour and injuring the fingers while wearing a shoe. It is a whole package to make your life easier. So, buy shoe accessories today and put your best shoe forward.