Beauty Treatments

Most women assume that makeup is the only way to get glowing skin, but what if there was a way to get that all-important glow without putting on layers of makeup?

After all, makeup only provides a temporary glow, whereas making an appointment at a teeth whitening clinic, for example, can boost your confidence for much longer than a few hours.

Here’s how to get that strobe-like finish from the moment you wake up in the morning, without putting on any makeup.

1. The NYDG Oxygenesis Face Treatment

Celebrities like Sienna Miller are flocking to get this specific treatment done. Dr. Costas Papegeorgiou (an aesthetic surgeon) invented it to restore the rosy youthfulness of the face.

The treatment works by using light-based laser Nd: YAG which allows collagen to work at plumping the skin. The high-pressure hyperbaric oxygen jet is solely meant to push essential skin remedies deep into the last layer of the skin.

The remedies that are absorbed into the skin include hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides, and antioxidants. With these essential ingredients being soaked up by your skin, how can you not glow from within?

2. BB Glow Treatment

We all know about BB creams, having used them as alternatives for foundation for a while now.  But imagine waking up with that BB cream skin finish daily? This is how the BB glow treatment came about. It promises to give you that natural glow all year round.

The treatment has been noted for its effectiveness and safety. It works to reduce the melanin content on the skin’s surface, allowing your skin to achieve a flawless tone without any discoloration.

The treatment is carried out over a period of time but works from the get-go. It begins by restoring skin tone, leaving your face looking brighter almost immediately.

3. The Green Peel

While this may not be a treatment that lasts for a whole year, regularly going for green peels can ensure that your skin appears brighter and more glowy. Dr. Christine Schrammek worked for over 60 years to improve an array of skin conditions with this herbal green peel.

The idea of the peel is to apply enzymes, minerals, and vitamins that penetrate into the skin through deep massaging. The glow lasts for about six weeks, making it a quick solution to get that radiance you seek.

4. AquaGold Facial:

The AquaGold facial involves the application of refreshing ingredients to the skin via injection. It’s called AquaGold because a 24-carat gold needle is used to inject the essential ingredients.

This ultra-fine gold needle ensures that no discomfort is experienced during the process. It’s also believed that the gold needle encourages the skin to heal faster.

These facials are tailored to suit your needs. So, if brighter is what you seek, you can opt for vitamin B to get rid of any dullness in the face.

5. Galvanic Facial:

Have you heard of the galvanic facial? Almost everyone is endorsing it as the non-surgical version of Botox. The facial uses medium-current to penetrate the skin cells and stimulate them.

This current is perfect for allowing essential ingredients to soak deeper into the skin. It also improves circulation to your face, leaving your skin looking rosier and plush. The galvanic is ideal for aged skin as it works to counteract the dullness often associated with aging.

If facial treatments are not on the cards for you, perhaps change your hair color or make a booking at a teeth whitening clinic. These are just a few of the ways that you can boost your confidence and get that beautiful inner glow fired up.