Door Locks

Locking the door of your house is one of the mandatory tasks of daily life for safety. And so, the door locks have become one of the most essential objects of every homeowner. No other tool or appliance can provide you with the safety that a lock of the door can provide. It is more like a barrier that will help to maintain your privacy and safety of the residents and assets as well. When you plan to buy the door lock, you must focus on the efficacy of the object. Will it be sturdy enough to protect the house?

Every year, there are many cases of burglaries where the burglars use an advanced set of equipment to break the door locks. As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to acquire knowledge about the different types of locks and make the best choice for the safety of the home and the residents. The locksmiths usually explain the feature of each lock when you try to buy one. But as online shopping has now become the most popular mode of buying products, you must gather the knowledge online too. Please continue reading to know about the different types of locks and their advantages.

Door Locks

1. Knob lock: These are perhaps the most common type of door locks that millions of people across the world prefer to buy. The lock is the ideal option when it comes to the in-house doors like that of the bedroom or the bathroom. It may also grace the front door, but you must combine it with a more secure lock for better protection.

The locking mechanism is inside the doorknob only. The knobs are present on either side of the door with a double or single cylinder depending on your preference of whether you want to lock the door from inside too. The operation is smooth, and the look is also smart. But the problem is the easy way to bypass the lock using a hammer or pliers. A person can even break in by using the wrench behind the knob. So, it won’t be the best option for external doors.

2. Deadbolts: The problem of the knob lock system vanishes with deadbolt door locksBreaking in by bypassing the deadbolt lock is almost impossible for the burglars. There is no use of spring in the opening or closing mechanism. You can move the lock only by turning the knob or the key. The unique mechanism for locking can resist battering and physical attacks. Do not expect that the thieves can open the door with a knife or some hand tool.

  • The single-cylinder deadbolts are the simplest of the three types as you can activate it from one side only with the help of a key.
  • Double lock cylinder deadbolts have keys for operating from either side.
  • Single, Double lockable thumb-turn deadbolt has a thumb turn inside for locking with a key. These door locks provide much safety and security.

3. Padlocks: It is a portable and freestanding object that will not be a permanent part of any door. There are two main varieties of this lock.

  • Combination locks having a single or multiple number dials. You must put in the correct combination to open the lock. But decoding these locks is easy.
  • Keyed padlocks are again of two types. Some of the door locks do not give you the option to change key even if you need a copy.
  • Key retaining padlocks: The lock will not allow removal of a key while the lock is open.

So now that you know about the basic locks available in the market, you can make our decision after considering your requirements as well as budget.