Doors not only provide security from intruders but they can also create or ruin the look of your premises. These doors are mostly installed in places like Hospitals, Airports, Hotels, Shopping Malls and Retail stores. Most of the people who come in these high traffic area prefers automatic sliding glass doors over manual door as they are much more convenient and hygienic.

Here Are Some Advantages Of Automatic Sliding Glass Door


They Keep Traffic Moving  

In places like airport there is always a heavy traffic of passengers who are moving in different directions. These places have ventilation systems, but if manual doors are installed, they will have to be powered manually, which will stifle movement and waste a lot of time. Second, since the heating and cooling systems will leak, it will create an unpleasant atmosphere.

They Provide Optimum Safety

If you are talking about safety, then automatic sliding glass door is one of the safest options. There is almost no chance of injury or harm when these doors are mounted. Since these doors have advanced safety sensors, users cannot get stuck inside. These doors have emitter technology as well as lateral sensors, which increase the protection.

Safe For Disabled And In Emergencies

These doors can be used by anyone even those who have any form of disability. These doors also work well in emergencies like fire or earthquake when people have to vacate the entire area.  These doors are also ideal for use in areas such as hospitals, as they do not create a barrier when people need to get through quickly.

They Don’t Spread Germs 

As we have been living in the times of covid 19 and everyone is opting for contactless. They aid in preserving hygiene because the doors open and close automatically, eliminating the need to touch them and preventing the spread of germs and bacteria.


Can Be Tailored As Per The Needs

You can get these doors customized as per your space and needs. If you have a limited amount of room, you can even build an automatic sliding door that disappears into the wall. You can also include more advanced features such as sensor closing and insulated glasses. 

Limitless Choices 

There are several different models, sizes, and colours of automatic sliding glass doors to choose from. They come in a variety of styles and finishes, as well as different materials. Automatic folding doors, revolving doors, swinging doors, and sliding doors are all available.


When shopping, it becomes really difficult for people to open and close the doors because they might be carrying bags or children. As a result, they are not only comfortable choices for shoppers, but they are also a very convenient choice for shop owners because they do not need to hire additional employees to open the door; instead, the employee may focus on assisting customers with their purchases.

Easy To Use And Maintain

Another benefit of these doors is that they are very easy to clean and maintain, there is hardly any expenditure on the maintenance of these doors. They are also very easy to install and it doesn’t take much of labor or cost to install them.


At last we can conclude by saying that these doors are safe and convenient. Any public place where there is a heavy traffic be it your office, mall, shop, hospital or schools automatic sliding glass doors are extremely convenient and hyenic. When installing these doors, make sure you don’t skimp on quality and only install decent doors if you want to reap these benefits. Hire an expert to help you install the automatic sliding glass doors