You recently bought yourself a beautiful and luscious bundle of deep wave closure hair. Now, let’s look at how you can make your luxurious locks last longer.

Deep wave closures are natural-looking and create bouncy locks, so it’s a great choice for many. Since it saves you from having to style your hair every day and results in a great natural look, many women embrace it. 

Here’s How You Care For Your Body Wave Wig:

  • Detangling Your Wig

When you wish to free your wig of knots, a great way to start is by being mindful of being gentle to your body wave closure. Just as with your natural hair, start by using your fingers to get the hair loose and flowy. Then progress onto using a wide-toothed comb.

Always remember, start detangling from ends to tips. This ensures less stress to your wig. Less stress to strands= less frizz and less breakage.

  • Washing Your Wig

Just as with your hair, wash your human hair closure every other day with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Use cold water for cleansing as it causes less dryness.

Use a coin-sized amount of shampoo and work your way to a gentle lather.

  • Deep Conditioning/ Co-Washing Your Wig

We recommend using a deep conditioner to your deep wave closure wig, as it can help maintain those bouncy curls.

Soon after shampooing your wig, gently apply your deep conditioner to the strands and set your wig within a shower cap for 30 mins (more, if possible).

  • Rinsing Your Wig

Ensure you run the water through your wig in a downward motion. Slip your fingers through the curls as you rinse to wash away the conditioner.

  • Drying Your Wig

As with your hair, be gentle while drying your body weave closure. No rubbing or tugging, or twisting the hair in your towel. Use gentle, patting motions to soak up excess water and hang your wig in a ventilated area, away from direct sunlight, till it air-dries.

  • Styling Your Wig

While we highly advise against using heated tools like straighteners and curlers on your wig, if you must, don’t skip a great heat protectant hair spray before you style your human hair closure.

  • Bleaching And Colouring Your Wig

Although we advise against bleaching your wig, if you must, ensure you visit a professional to bleach and color your wig. This is because bleaching can reduce the curls from your wig without proper chemicals to rejuvenate the locks after bleaching.

  • Caring For Your Wig

Ensure you say no to cotton pillowcases or sheets while you have your wig on as they ruin the natural gloss in your deep wave closures. Wear a silk scarf or a pillowcase to reduce friction.

Tie your hair gently into a bun and use a silk cap to contain your closure while you sleep.

These five tips can help you greatly elongate the life of your deep wave closure. Most of all, remember, have fun and show your personality through your closure. It was never meant to be high maintenance anyway.