Aerosol has been used in a wide range of products that are commonly used by people. It is used in many household products and other cosmetic products. Business owners working in cosmetics, health care, and related industries search for aerosol suppliers to manufacture the products they require with ease and efficiency. Aerosols are available in various forms such as sprays, gels and lubricants. You can also use aerosol containers for your products.

Aerosols cans were invested in 1790 and these cans were available as spray cans. Now, you can find aerosol cans made from metal, and the first models of these cans were used in beverage industry. Earlier, Aerosol sprayers were not made from metals, and Aerosols metal cans was introduced in 1927.

Check out why these suppliers are higher in demand in the market:

1. Beauty and Cosmetics:

Beauty and cosmetic aerosols can be classified into some segments such as hair care, body care and personal care. Hair sprays, hair mousses and dry shampoos are some products that are used for cleaning and maintaining hair. The presence of aerosols in the deodorants and body sprays can prevent the body’s natural odour, leaving a long-lasting aromatic fragrance. Other than hair care and personal care products, aerosols are also used in body care products such as hydrating creams, self-tanning and skin-whitening lotions, gel toothpaste, sun protection creams, thermal waters, makeup setting sprays, etc.

2. Household Products: 

There are numerous types of household items that need aerosols so that they can be used for cleaning and maintaining the home. The biggest percentage of household products using aerosols are air fresheners and cleaning items. Aerosols in polishing products are used to protect the furniture and wooden floors and people can use such sprays for polishing their furniture.

Many other items such as anti-static aerosols, herbicides, aerosol starches, insecticides, etc., also contribute to maintaining the house. Many aerosol suppliers own aerosol spray paints that are used to improve the interior of a home by offering good resistance to abrasion and corrosion. These spray paints also provide a protective coating to the surface when applied to it.

3. Food and Beverages:

Aerosols are also used in lots of food as well as kitchen items. Aerosol cans are used to store a wide range of food items such as whipped cream, cooking oil, icing, colourants, chocolate and coffee powders. There are some condiments such as mustard, salad dressing, and ketchup packed in cans made up of aerosols to increase their shelf-life. That is why many foods and beverages factories look for aerosol suppliers to get good quality aerosol.

4. Pharmaceuticals: 

Medical aerosols are usually stored in the two types of inhalers- Metered-Dose Inhalers (MDIs) and Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs). Both inhalers are used to treat lung diseases that take place due to shortness of breath, involving asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Apart from MDIs and DPIs, pharmaceutical aerosols consist of aerosol coolants, aerosol disinfectants, aerosol bandages and aerosol anaesthetics. Aerosol coolants cool and calm the skin. If you want to prevent the injured area from bacteria or fungus, then you can use aerosol disinfectants, or you can cover it with aerosol bandages. Aerosol anaesthetics are used to relieve the pain from sunburn, cuts or insect bites.

5. Industrial And Technical Supplies:

There are various industrial cleaning products as well as maintenance products that consists of aerosols. Some cleaning products are engine cleaners, tyre cleaners, dashboard and console cleaners, carpet and upholstery cleaners. These all products are used in the industrial area to clean, protect and maintain the shine of different tools and parts of machines. Maintenance products involve de-icer, anti-fog, aerosol adhesives, lubricating oils and greases, silicones, puncture repair and tyre inflators. These products are used to keep the tools and machinery in working condition.

Now, you know the different uses of aerosols; therefore, you can understand why almost all the factories and manufacturers are looking for aerosol suppliers.