The art of jewelry rendering is a computer based process of generating photo realistic images of the jewelry pieces. These images are created by using 3D models of the object that are later rendered in the software.

Jewelry rendering services are best known to get content and create awareness among customers even before a piece of jewelry is made and launched. Here are the three major types in which jewelry rendering is done.

Types of Jewelry Renderings

There are three different types of jewelry rendering services that are majorly used by jewelers for the jewelry designs.

Simple Studio Renders

This one is the standard of all marketing campaigns for jewelry, and even website listing for that cause. Here one can basically obtain a set of catalogue style images to sell the designs. If you are a jeweler you must be very well aware of this type of rendering. It gets you to show your customers all the details and color variations of the jewelry design. Use this rendering type to flaunt your ring shank or for the classic perspective views and make people fall for the overview of your diamond size and shoulders.

Jewellery Lifestyle Renders

Almost every jeweler uses promotion and sale tactics by creating images of his jewelry products on models. These work really well in the jewellery creative ads. This is also because it lets your customers see what the piece of jewelry looks like when it is worn. Now imagine doing this through photography for your most precious jewellery pieces that have different cuts and style elements. The cost would skyrocket, wouldn’t it? Well, 3D jewelry rendering service allows you to get this done in most of your marketing budget. It is one of the most efficient and affordable alternatives that can be used. And in case you are finding it expensive to hire a model, purchase model images from any of the stock images websites and add your jewelry to them with 3D rendering and it’s done. This would look authentic too and reduce your costs significantly.

Jewelry Marketing Images

The industry of jewelry digital advertising is even wider than one can think. There are thousands of ads being uploaded everyday. And marketing images add so much to them because they show your jewelry in a different light than any traditional studio render. By using skills of creation and imagination, one can’t even guess what all can be done to these images. Investing in 3D rendering is so worth it as it cuts down your advertising cost to a great extent –

In case you are still wondering how much a rendering service would cost, it completely depends on the New York jewelry designers you choose. There is low quality, premium quality and photo realistic quality that causes difference in the cost. To avail the best prices for high quality service, you must consider visiting the official page of Sarkassian!