If you feel any trouble in vision and it sustains for a long time, then you should not wait but go to a specialist as soon as possible get an eye test done. But you should not wait for an eye test and delay it till you feel a discomfort or trouble with the vision. Rather, you should go for a regular eye checkup right from an early age in life. Eye tests can prevent around 50% of the eyesight loss which takes place in the world. Hence you must never neglect getting eye examination done once a year at least.

Ideal time to go for eye tests:

  1. Diagnose severe ailments earlier: Undiagnosed eye conditions can cause unwanted damages to the eye. At times we are not even aware, and our vision or eye health degrades. Going for eye tests on a regular basis will give us the knowledge about the current status of our eyes.
  2. Early checkup in children: Early diagnosis of eye health related issues is of paramount importance for your children. The children’s optometrist can detect problems and suggest corrective measures early if eye tests are not neglected by parents. Children who are in between the age group of 1 to 5 can go for eye tests to check varied issues such as crossed eyes, lazy eyes, turned out eyes or sighting problems.
  3. Specific profession centric tests: In some professions the eye can be impacted for long hours. Imagine a worker working on a computer for long hours or a driver working consciously for hours depends on their eyes totally. Regular eye tests can help them prevent any future eye ailments at an early date.
  4. If you have spectacles or lenses: Having lenses or eyeglass does not mean that you do not need an eye test. Vision grades or eye power increases and decreases with time. Ignorance in checking the eye power can cause bigger problems in the future. At times there can be a need for adjusting the power or vision grade of the glasses.
  5. A medical history: If you have any family history of any kind of eye disease or chronic ailments such as diabetes then eye tests can be taken to monitor your present vision health. Any kind of serious vision related problems can be hence detected promptly.
  6. Any sudden accident: If you or any of your family members meets with any accident then eye tests must be conducted to rule out any impact created on the vision of the person. This is a mandatory examination doctors suggest whenever an individual is affected with any random jerk or collision.


Preparations for Eye tests:

  1. Ophthalmologists: These are medical specialists who offer complete eye care. They will conduct eye tests where the eye will be examined extensively, prescribe corrective glasses or lenses and diagnose complex ailments and also perform surgeries if required.
  2. Optometrists: They offer similar services like the ophthalmologists. However, they do not undergo eye surgery and will be referring you to ophthalmologists.
  3. Opticians: Opticians are not specializing, and they do not evaluate eye health. They are the people who will assemble and deliver you the suggested eyeglasses or lenses.

All the above information will come to be of immense help when you go for eye tests. It is always recommended to take preventive actions rather than regret later. As a child the eye examinations must be taken once in a year. As an adult once in two years you must get your eyes tested. Remember than some vision fixing is extremely expensive and hence it is always better to prepare beforehand.