Polished Concrete Floors1

The ordinary concrete floors can be transformed to very interesting, durable as well as inexpensive flooring that holds permanently with the help of concrete polishing. Even when you are renovating your floor, the processes of sanding & polishing can be a great way of repairing the concrete floors which desperately requires renovation.

What Are Polished Concrete Floors?

In the commercial buildings, that exposed concrete is often planned from the outset as a very durable floor covering. Polished concrete is basically a process of refining the look of concrete flooring. In this process the flooring is mechanically grounded, and polished using abrasives. These abrasives are helpful in cutting the concrete floor’s surface.

During the process of production, care is being taken in order to ensure that the surface becomes a little smoother. An ordinary concrete floor is being used as a floor covering and then this is being polished in order to get the desired shine.

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors

  • Floors of ground concrete are used as a stylistic device – When it comes to getting the most deliberate and discreet sober-looking floor covering, then a sanded concrete floor is certainly a very suitable one to opt for. The interior of the same can be ground screed. The floor, in this case, is usually resistant to abrasion but they are given a very subtle look as it has no uniform surface and also does not require any baseboards.
  • Concrete structure – In the case of a concrete structure, the rock aggregate with the maximum grain size of 16 mm is largely used. While the process of grinding is on, the subsequent polishing of the concrete is also done. In this case, the enclosed stone parts also become visible and also form an active and completely individual surface. This adds to the overall visual appeal of the concerned polished concrete floor. The final look that is obtained is absolutely subtle.

Major advantages of the polished concrete floors

The process of grinding as well as polishing a concrete floor has got several benefits. Some of the major benefits of such floors are as follows:

  1. The complete process of producing the polished concrete floors is very inexpensive as compared to the other available flooring options.
  2. These floors are usually very durable and need not have to be replaced very often. Thus, the polished floors are usually considered to be a permanent flooring option.
  3. The polished concrete floors are abrasion-resistant and resilient.
  4. It makes the flooring more durable by adding sealant to the concrete floor. Having the sealant seals the pore on the flooring such that it resists water, oil and other contaminants thus enhancing the life of the floor.
  5. The polished concrete floors look absolutely discreet.
  6. LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design friendly- Such surfaces make use of the existing concrete surfaces thereby reducing the need for additional materials making it more sustainable.
  7. The procedures of grinding and polishing of the floor can be conducted immediately after curing. No requirement of waiting time as it is required in the case of laying tiles.
  8. Due to the possible omission of the baseboards, a more balanced appearance is being created while passing between the floor and the wall.
  9. Reduces wearing of tires- Well, you may find it unconventional but polished surface saves the tires from wearing. Since there are no pores or abrasion on the polished floor, these are good choice for garages.

Concrete floors are prone to be damaged over the course of time. The overall elimination of these particular damages can be succeeded only with the help of grinding. This also very well prevents the dirt or water from penetrating into the damaged floor which would result in the damaging of the concrete floors.

Those concrete floors which are sanded can be ground even further and then polished up as well. By this, a new look is obtained. This is recommended to always opt for two-component products. The two components consist of a protective seal and a hardener. The hardener penetrates deep into the concrete, and then it compacts and then hardens the same. This completely ensures that adequate tightness, hardness and resistance of the concrete are obtained. The exterior coating prevents abrasion and surface damage that is caused by the usage of soil in day to day life.


There are several advantages of polished concrete floors and this flooring option can be concluded as one of the durable and inexpensive flooring options available. Make sure that you contact a professional flooring service provider for this work to ensure the best results.