Often, we neglect our feet and once we see signs of degeneration of the feet, we go to a general physician who refers us to specialists. In this case, you can consult with your nearest foot clinic and the podiatrist will examine your feet to identify the problems. The feet, though seemingly small, plays the most important role in our daily life. Not only do they carry the entire weight of our being, but they help in balancing and correcting our posture. In fact, if you know how to study your feet, you will find that your feet often give the early symptoms of onset of any disease like diabetes and thyroid.

Tips That A Foot Clinic Suggests

For some reason, we tend to neglect our feet and only notice their existence after a severe jolt like a fracture. Many people do not know the existence of podiatrists and foot clinic unless they are referred by their general physician. We all know about the basic hygienic routine of washing our feet or soaking them in hot water after a really tiring day but what we often is the proper drying of the feet, especially between the toes and even at the cuticles to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. If you are living in humid regions, then you must take care your feet properly. In this case, foot clinic can play a vital role and you can visit your nearest foot clinic to know the exact problems of your feet. They can identify the fungal infections of your feet and they can also suggest you the best foot care solutions.

4 General Health Tips Provided at A Foot Clinic


Here are top 4 tips that you will be suggested at a foot clinic for better and healthier feet:

#1. Cutting toenails – while we tend to cut along the edges too while trimming and filing our toenails, it is advised against to cut at the edges. Rather you should cut straight across as this will prevent ingrown toenails. It is better to consult with a podiatrist and remove the dry areas from your toenails, and then you can cut the toenails according to their suggestions.

#2. Limit high heels – while the high heels make you look great and elegant, it is better you limit wearing them as they are the major cause of many foot problems along with spinal disorders. This is one of the most common tips that a foot clinic will suggest. If you have to wear high heels then make sure you vary the heel height and always carry running shoes along to rotate and give your feet some salvation. The same is applicable for narrow shoes. Any damage incurred by your feet is slowly transferred to your spine. Apart from that, if you have obesity then you must avoid high heels because your body weight will make some stress on your feet.

#3. Afternoon shopping – another interesting fact about shoe shopping is that a foot clinic will tell you to shop for them in the afternoon. The reason is simple, the feet tends to swell throughout the day and in the afternoon, they are at the largest which will help you find the best fit.

#4. Rotate shoes – Wearing the same shoes daily often causes the infections, not to mention a quick tearing of the shoes. Different pairs also allow the shoes to rest and dry out. Same with socks. If you have socks as part of your uniform, then buying extra pairs is sensible.

Going to a foot clinic for routine checkup should be added to your schedule. You will also learn about the seemingly inconsequential matters like insoles and heel heights and how they affect your overall health from the foot clinics.