Myopia Control.

Is your kid finding it tough to see the closer objects? Then, you need to see an optometrist as soon as possible. These people will diagnose them with the right treatment that will correct their eyesight. However, if the kid has nearsightedness, this is often referred to as myopia. The best way to keep this eye problem at bay is to put less strain on eyes and spend less time in front mostly near the computers  and television. If the myopia is not controlled at  the initial stage, it would eventually lead to more significant eye problems in the future, such as glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, and blindness.

Few Of The Treatments That Are Available For Myopia Control Include

Atropine Eye Drops: These are the eye drops that are mainly prescribed by the eye doctor to reduce the pain in the eyes that are caused due to any inflammation in the eye. This relieves eyes from fatigue and limits the ability of the eye to change its focus automatically. Many studies have proven that atropine is an effective treatment that is available to cure myopia. This can reduce its progression by around 77 percent. However, these eye drops are rarely prescribed to the children since it produces short term results.

Myopia Control

Multifocal Contact Lenses And Eyeglasses: The lenses have different powers to keep nearsightedness or farsightedness at bay. There are many multifocal soft contact lenses that are available. These are used as a useful tool to control myopia. There are multifocal glasses that are tested in children. Though the progression in children is slow, they can see the objects clearly at all distances.

Orthokeratology: This is known as the Ortho-K or CRT method, where the medical device that is like that of contact lenses would be put in gently when the wearer is asleep. The mild pressure put on the cornea or on the eye surface during the night would cause molding of the outer layers, slowly giving the  lens like an impact to the wearer. This will allow the patients to have a sharp vision without wearing glasses or contact lenses throughout the day, even while swimming, playing sports, or doing other regular activities. This method is found to be the best and effective method to control myopia.

In addition to taking these treatments for myopia control, you also need to take good care of your eyes.

Few Of The Tips You Need To Embrace To Keep Myopia At Bay Include:

Upgrade The Work Station: You need to use a high-resolution monitor at the workplace to reduce straining your eyes and for myopia control. You can add one more window on the computer screen to reduce glare.

Do Not Rub The Eyes: When you rub the eyes often, it distorts the cornea. In case if the cornea shape changes anyhow, you also need to change the eyeglasses. To get rid of  itchy and strained eyes , you need to stay cold compress for a couple of minutes and things will turn up in a better state.

Take A Healthy Diet: The patients who are prone to myopia can improve their vision by taking a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Doing this will help you to improve your vision.

Replace Contact Lenses Regularly: You need to keep on replacing the lenses. If you use the damaged lenses, it will take a toll on the cornea. When there is a change in the shape of the cornea, you need to change the eyeglasses; otherwise, it hurts the cornea.

An increased level of myopia can affect your kid’s eyes badly and in order to safeguard them from low vision in future, you must not be negligent in checking up their eyes by an eye specialist as their safety is fully in your hands.