Shelf Corporation

Introduction: What is a Shelf Corporation and How Does it Work?

A shelf corporation is a company that is created and registered with the intention of being sold to an individual or group. The person who registers the company will pay an initial fee for registering the company and then pay a yearly renewal fee. The registration process can take anywhere from one day to six months, depending on how much information needs to be collected about the individual registering the company.

Shelf corporations are becoming more popular because they allow individuals and groups to be able to purchase their own companies without having any assets or liabilities associated with them. Even now, one can also get shelf corporations for sale Canada,  Things Canada Is Known And Famous For

What is a Good Price for a Shelf Company Canada?

A shelf company is a company that has been incorporated but is not yet active. When the company is ready to start doing business, it can “unshelf” the corporation by filing articles of amendment.

A Shelf Corporation Canada can be purchased for a nominal fee and then later activated when the owner wants to start doing business. The purchaser does not need to go through all of the procedures of incorporating a new company, which saves time and money. The best part is, now one can also get the Shelf Corporations For Sale Canada that also helps in saving much more money.

How Do You Transfer Ownership of Your Company’s Shelf Corporation?

The process of transferring ownership of a company’s shelf corporation is not as straightforward as it may seem. There are many steps to follow, so it is best to work with an expert in this field.

The first step is to determine the current owner of the company’s shelf corporation. This can be done by checking the state records, which will have the name and address of the current holder if they are not listed on any other document.

The next step would be to contact that person and ask them if they would like to sell their interest in the company’s shelf corporation. If they do not want to sell, then it is time for you or your agent to find out if there are any other interested parties who might want to purchase their interest in the company’s shelf corporation.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Buying or Selling a Shelf Corporation?

One of the disadvantages to buying or selling a shelf corporation is that there may be some legal issues that need to be taken care of. The company’s name, for example, might not be available due to trademark infringement.


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