Small Bathroom

Whatever your fashion, whether you are a fan of a smooth, clutter-free family space or a sprinkle of hotel-style elegance, the shower room will always remain your sanctuary. It is not only a room to clean or spruce yourself up. The shower room your private spa, where you reduce the pressure of the day and rest.

So, in the event you are planning to renovate your bathroom, you aren’t merely designing a practical washing space, because you are also building a room where you can be yourself and escape from the stresses of life.

Every component and aspect has to evolve together towards this purpose while also attending the practical requirements of bathing.

Apply All-White For Interiors

Still settling to be a reliable interior design course, all-white interiors truly work surprises when it comes to generating the illusion of space, especially in smaller spaces.

Applying white as the foundation for decorating your small shower room will instantly widen the space making it seem and feel much roomier. Whether you desire to obtain a modern or classy style, a white color design will present a minimalistic and a neat finish.

Small Bathroom

Don’t Hesitate to Illuminate the Corners

Illumination plays an essential role in designing any chamber, which is why in lavatories with limited space, it is critical to opt for a bright lighting method to generate the illusion of more space while providing the practical lighting for daily use.

From luminous LED limelights that reach every edge, to over-the-sink strip lights and vanity lamps, with many shower room lighting variety available, you can comfortably produce a bright and lively atmosphere.

You can also go for dimmer switches, enabling you to adjust the levels of lighting for different moods.

Settle on Big Tiles

If you need to imitate a spacious shower room even when the dimensions are not in your favor, try to go for large-format tiles over the smaller ones.

With few gap lines to disturb the eye, big tiles will help leave you with a smooth and uncluttered beautiful look making the bathroom seem bigger than the smaller tiles.

Whether you are after a modern scheme or something more conventional, the application of big tiles in your shower room will certainly provide you with a more spacious feel.

Take Advantage of Mirrors

Every shower room requires a mirror, but these basic accessories can make so much more than merely display your image in the mornings.

Making good use of big mirrors in small shower room by placing them opposite or close to windows and light sources will help display plenty of light throughout the room which helps you to obtain a bright, spacious room with a magnificent finish.

A lot of people tend to overlook the importance of mirror in the bathroom, so make sure not to commit the same mistake.


Maximize the Floor Space

With space at a bonus, particularly in a small shower room. It is obvious that having the floor space as free of clutter as possible will be essential for guaranteeing that the room doesn’t feel crowded.

Settling for floating sinks and shelves, as well as taking good advantage of wall space making it as storage will all work towards making the room seem less cluttered.

All you want to do inside the shower room is to relax, and at the end of the day, it is best to make it spacious as possible because a crowded one will seem to choke making it uneasy for you to stay in the room for long periods.


For several householders, the inspiration of their dream shower room come from luxury magazine pictures with huge tubs, cabinets, and extensive marble flooring.

However, in modern times, some have found out that smaller shower rooms can be as great as the roomier ones, and it all comes down in choosing the items in Black Mango, creativity and making good use of the simple things.

Whatever bathroom design you are working with, I wish these methods will help bring you a step closer to achieving your dream shower room despite its size.