Top Foods for Your Dental Health.

Ever wondered why your teeth don’t look as brighter and whiter as your friend’s? Or, why they looked stained and discolored even though you do take oral care regular? Well, the answer may lie in the diet you follow, or more precise, the foods you eat. You should know that not all items are good for your teeth as some even could cause harm, like sugary and acidic items. Typically healthy foods like those found on Foods Alive will be easy on your teeth and gums and not cause problems. It’s therefore important to eat right and maintain a superior oral health. There are some foods which are great for your teeth and it’s better to eat them than risk your dental health.

Here Are Some of Tops Foods for Your Dental Health –  


Not all sweet things are bad for your teeth, particularly if they are fruits. Apples belong to that list as even if they might taste sweet, this does not make them harmful for your oral health. Rather, they are a magical food for teeth for being high in fibre and water. Apples also work as nature’s toothpaste helping rinse away foods and bacteria from mouth. Plus, they also stimulate the gums and keep them healthy.


Crunchy food items are great for oral health. They not only get the jaw working but some of them may also help in saliva production in the mouth. Carrots belong to that category as they are high in fibre and they are contain vitamin A. Eating a few slices of raw carrots regularly can help you maintain a superior oral health.


Most dairy products are good for your teeth and gums, and cheese is no exception. It can increase the pH in the mouth and lower the risk of tooth decay. You can slice them into small piece and chew which further increases saliva in the mouth and flush out food debris and plaque. Above all, cheese is a good source of calcium and protein which are key nutrients for strengthening tooth enamel.


Any food that is high in calcium and protein will always be good for your dental health. So, if cheese is not what you fancy, there is yoghurt to get the same levels of benefits to your teeth and gums. It can provide strength to your teeth and keep them healthy. More importantly, yoghurt has probiotics that neutralize the effects of bad bacteria and keep your teeth away from the risk of cavities. So, you can eat sugar-less variety of yoghurt and stay on top of your dental health.


All dairy products are good for your dental health. In fact, most of them help keep your teeth clean and healthy. Take for example, milk is rich in calcium and other key minerals essential for your teeth. It also helps lower the acid levels in the mouth and eventually fights tooth decay. Together with water, milk is easily the best drink which you can consume and maintain dental health.


Almonds should be part of your daily diet because they are good for your teeth. They are not only a good source of calcium and protein but also low in sugar. More importantly, being crunchy makes them good for your dental health as your jaw then gets some working. You can this eat them in lunch, or as a salad and maintain your dental health.

Leafy greens

Fresh and crunchy leafy greens are great for your dental health. They are rich in calcium which makes them super healthy. More so, they are rich in folic acids and lots of other key minerals and vitamins good for both teeth and gums. Most of leafy greens also work as natural toothbrush helping scrub away food debris and plaque stuck between your teeth. So, eat more of spinach, broccoli, kale and stay on top of your dental health.


Not all citric foods are bad for your dental health. Those least acidic among them can be good for your teeth. And that’s why, oranges are preferred over other citric foods. The best part, they give all the benefits of fruits and help keep your teeth healthy. You can also visit best dental clinic and learn more about the foods good for your teeth so that your oral health can be maintained.