We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen. Preparing meals, eating, even socialising. And cleaning, of course. After a long day, the last thing you want to do is spend your evening cleaning the kitchen. Save time and energy by incorporating these easy clean alternatives into your kitchen design.  

Single Panel Splashbacks

Your kitchen splashback plays an important role in keeping your kitchen clean. Protecting walls from splashes and spills, your splashback takes on the mess so your walls don’t have to. While tiles are a common choice for splashbacks, they are renowned for being tough to keep clean. Grime and dust get stuck in the grouting between each tile.

Instead of tiles, consider a stainless steel or glass splashback. Stylish single panel splashbacks are in and, fortunately for us, are so easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe with a damp cloth and your splashback will be sparkling.

Solid Surface Worktops

Next, countertops. While butcher block countertops look nice and are cheap to install, they are also notoriously hard to look after. Stains and spills must be wiped away and dried immediately if you don’t want mould to grow. A better choice would be a solid surface that is non-porous, free from grooves that can trap dirt and water. Laminate or quartz worktops are inexpensive options that are super easy to clean. And with a scope of styles available, you can easily find one that suits your taste.  

Stain Resistant Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen floor takes a lot of abuse. No matter how careful you are, things get dropped or spilled. While stone and porcelain tiles may be hard wearing, dirt can easily get trapped in grooves or between tiles. The same goes for wood. Luxury vinyl tiles are the ideal solution here. They are hard wearing, waterproof and stain resistant. Plus, they’re comfortable underfoot and easy to sweep, mop or vacuum. The choice of styles is endless. From eye catching geometric patterns to realistic looking natural stone.

Smooth Finish Appliances

When choosing appliances for your kitchen, focus on ones that are easy to clean. Avoid ones with too many complicated knobs or dials. Integrated appliances are often designed with interactive touch control, providing a smooth finish that’s easy to wipe. When it comes to your hob, opt for an induction model. All it takes to keep these hobs sparkling is a quick wipe. No more cleaning pan supports and scrubbing old burnt on stains.

You could even go a step further and invest in appliances with self cleaning functions. These days, more and more ovens come with self cleaning capabilities. Choose from hydrolytic or pyrolytic cleaning to make life simpler.

Flat Door Cupboards

Open shelving is a great way to display your cookware and open up your kitchen. It’s also a nightmare to keep clean. It won’t be long before all your crockery is covered in dust. Instead of spending hours dusting, opt for closed, flat door cabinets. Protects your cookware from dust and is easy to wipe down when needed.

Stainless Steel Integrated Sinks


Classic white ceramic sinks are very popular in kitchen design. But in time they begin to look grubby. Especially if you forget to wipe them down after each use. A better alternative is stainless steel. Not only is it easier to keep it looking clean, but it is also more hygienic than ceramic. If possible, opt for an integrated sink. So, you can simply wipe dirt straight off the counter and into the sink.

Sturdy, Water Resistant Paint

When decorating your kitchen, avoid wallpaper where possible. Instead, choose hard wearing paint, able to withstand regular wipe downs. Oil based paints are perfect for this, helping your walls retain their vibrance, while staying dirt free.

Keep these tips in mind when designing your kitchen. You’ll save valuable time to spend doing more of the things you love. Get in touch with your tips!