Swimming Pool

Many people want to have a swimming pool in this home. A swimming pool is a source of relaxation for people to chill out in the summers and spend time with their families.  However, homeowners need to consider many things before installing a swimming pool in their house. There are a lot of designs and equipment to choose according to space and budget.

People living in Perth, Australia always look for the best ideas to install a swimming pool in their homes. Let us see what options we have regarding the construction of swimming pools Perth.

In-Ground or Above Ground Pool

Every homeowner needs to choose between an in-ground pool and above ground pool. Most people in Perth have in-ground pools in their homes, but now many homeowners also prefer the above ground pools as they are easy to install and less expensive. People choose between the two options based on the space available for installation of the pool.

Materials for pool

The swimming pools are made of three types of materials – concrete, vinyl and fibreglass.

  • Concrete Pools – Concrete pools are the conventional pools that most people have in their homes. They are the most expensive, but also durable and long lasting. The best point about the concrete pools is that you can customize them to any shape or size of your choice.
  • Vinyl Pools – Vinyl pools are readymade liners that need to the installed in the same shape of holes dug into the ground. The vinyl liner is attached to steel or aluminium frame wall that keeps them in place. The vinyl pools are available in a variety of colours and options. However, the shapes and sizes are limited in for vinyl pools.
  • Fibre Glass Pool – Fibreglass pools are the most affordable in-ground pools available in Australia. Fibreglass pools are manufactured in a factory and placed in a hole dug into the ground. The pool installers use a crane to dig the required size of space in your yard and then put the readymade fibreglass pool in the digged area.

It is easiest to install a fibreglass pool as it needs only a few days for installation. A vinyl pool takes one to three weeks to install while a concrete pool requires a time of at least one month for installation. In addition to the type of pool, there are many other things to consider before installing a pool in your backyard.

Plan your budget

The first step in choosing a swimming pool is to know your budget. How much can you spend on the installation? Do you have that much money in hand or do you want to borrow from a bank or friend? Consult a pool installation company and inquire about the cost of installation. For example, if you’re going to install a vinyl pool in your home, ask about the total cost of installation and other details. Inquiring the details from a professional company helps you to plan your budget for the pool.

Measure the available space

You need to measure the space available for the installation of a pool. A pool also requires sufficient space in its surroundings. Call a pool professional to visit your home and measure the area to decide what size of the pool is suitable according to the available space.

Features you want

Earlier, people use to install pools in their homes for swimming only. Now the pools are made with more and more features to make them luxurious. People in Perth adds various features like fountain and waterfalls to the pool and plants in the surroundings. You can also add ladders, handrails and steps in the pool to make it easy to use by kids and elders.


Decide who will use the swimming pool in your home. If you want a pool for your family and kids, you need a shallow area and L shape pool where the kids can play in the water without any risk. If the users are most youngsters, you may need a diving area and a deep pool. The design should be chosen according to the users of the pool.


The landscaping around the pool is also significant as it contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your pool. If you already have an established landscape, you can install the pool in the required area. However, if you have an empty plot, you can install the pool and customize the surrounding area for landscaping according to your preferences. You can consult a landscape professional for landscaping the surrounding area.

Final Words

Considering the above tips for choosing a pool can help homeowners to plan the installation of pool in their homes. However, you should not forget other features that are required in the surrounding area like a pool deck area, seating space and the area for plants. If you prefer outdoor dining, you can also spare some space for a dining area. Now you can pay warehouse prices for your pool pump equipment locally. Brisbane clean pools have over 25 year’s pool problem solving experience.