Door Installation

In the market for access door? Not sure if there are any benefits to installing an access panel over a single non-load bearing wall? At Best Access Doors, we offer an array of access panels but more importantly resources when it comes to installing or purchasing an access panel. Whether you are looking to protect your home or your business, an access panel is so much more than just a panel or door. An access panel can conceal blemishes, imperfections, they can enhance security but also improve functionality. With regards to functionality, we will examine the valve box and how this particular product amongst others can add to your build.

Access Doors and Panels 101 – Purpose?

When it comes to access doors, contractors who have never worked, installed or purchased an access door or panel may find them either daunting or useless. We at Best Access Doors offer both a large inventory of panels but more importantly, the resources to ensure our shoppers find precisely what it is they need.

There are a few things that one has to consider before they purchase an access panel – the most important question to ask before proceeding to install is, what is the purpose. Why do I need an access panel? What can I use an access panel for? For example, if a contractor has a client who is seeking to conceal their valves and pipes, they may want to consider investing in a valve box. These valve boxes can range in size but also material. From steel to aluminum and even plaster. Once a contractor understands the purpose of why they may need an access panel, only then can they pursue purchasing one.

Materials and Aesthetics

Regardless of style, whether it is commercial, residential or industrial, the material and aesthetic appeal can be important to clients. For contractors, however, what is important is ensuring a quality job and proper installation. This can impact the type of material to be purchased, but more importantly, it can change the aesthetic appeal if the access panel is not concealed or installed in plain sight.

Depending on the material, some access panels are easier concealed over others. For example, a plastic or drywall access panel that has a white powder coating can be painted over to match the surrounding wall. While some may think that this coating will cost more, the truth is, most access panels of a particular material are already designed with a special coating. Not only are most access panels coated with a unique finish, but they are installed to be flush against a wall. What does this mean? It means that the panels can be concealed behind a picture or directly behind a shelf.

While materials do help with the aesthetics, materials are important because certain elements are more suitable over others – depending on location. For example, if a client has asked a contractor for an access panel that can be installed in the exterior of their build or project, a contractor who understands materials and exposure, would know not to recommend drywall or plastic. Drywall and plastic access panels would not hold up against external elements. Knowing the material and the purpose of the access panel can benefit both client and contractors.

Access Panel Install 101

Once all the details have been determined – this means, everything from material, budget and purpose, now comes to install. It is essential that when it comes to access panels and to install them, the contractor can work with the client to make the best recommendation on where to install an access panel. Their functionality and their ability to enhance a space are only possible when it is installed in an ideal location.

When installing an access panel or door, it is important that the following are done:

•    You have the proper tools and equipment

•    Measuring and marking the location of where the panel or door will go

•    Ensuring no electrical or live currents are present

•    Install

Before one starts, it is ALWAYS recommended that you have the proper tools and equipment. This means everything from measuring tape, pen or pencils, a drywall knife and of course the proper access panel. What this does is it ensures that there are no issues moving forward, but more importantly that when it comes to installing, all the possible problems are mitigated.

Once the area has been adequately prepped, then the panel can be installed. Of course, there are steps in between that need to be considered and factored, but installing an access panel is one that is not as complicated or difficult as some may think it to be. Still, want more information? Want to ensure you are prepared to install an access panel? Why not check out Best Access Doors, as we offer a quick guide on installing an access panel.

Choosing Functionality – Choosing Best Access

Access panels are a building solution and alternative that adds the next level of functionality and versatility in a space. Commercial or residential, access panels can be installed anywhere – from floor to ceiling and wall, there is no place that an access panel cannot be installed.  Whether you are a new contractor, looking to install an access panel for the first time, no job is complete without the proper material, and Best Access Doors can provide you with quality products and materials.

Don’t feel overwhelmed and don’t shy away from enhancing your project with the help of an access panel. Protect your home, enhance your security and space with an access panel by Best Access Doors today.