A moissanite is rare gem which looks like a diamond. It is a beautiful white stone thatis made of silicon carbide.A diamond on the other hand, is a mineral made of carbon atoms.The both of these materials are used in making rings.  People have confused moissanite and diamond rings because of their similar appearances. Telling the difference between the two with naked eyes is quite difficult.While these two types of rings may look alike, they have some distinguishing components.

1. Which one is more costly?

A moissanite ring is cheap compared to a diamond ring. It only costs a fraction of what a diamond ring costs.  A diamond ring costs almost ten times the price of a moissanite ring. Thismeans that a moissanite ring is a budget friendly ring for people on tight budgets. People tend to value diamond rings because of their high price. However, despite the fact that moissanite rings are cheap it seems to have same appearances with diamond rings yet at a lesser cost. Diamond rings are expensive because they are said to have higher quality compare to moissanite rings.

There are also many other gemstones available those are cheap in price I g. sapphire, emerald, cubic zirconia, etc. I can tell you, You have heard many times about black diamonds. They tell black diamonds are fake, but it’s not true. Black Diamonds Are Real! It’s very rare still it is quite cheap in price.


2. Hardness

 Diamond rings are the harder of the two. Moissanite, though not harder than diamond, is one of the hardest substances on earth. A diamond ring scores 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness while a moissanite ring scores 9.25. A hard material makes it impossible to scratch or break easily. Although diamond rings are harder than moissanite rings, both of them are hard enough to be considered good jewellery.

3. Which is more durable?

As we already know, both diamond and moissanite rings are hard and this makes them resistant to damages. However this does not mean that the rings are totally indestructible. The fact thatboth of these rings are durablemakes them suitable to be worn. Despite the fact that a mosssanite ring scores 9.25 on the Mohs scale, it is sometimes prone to breaking and scratching. This is less likely to happen with diamond rings. A moissanite ring lasts long if well taken care of but a diamond ring is more durable.

4. Color differences

Moissanite rings are colorless and they sometimes exhibit green and yellow colors when eyed under light. They are very clear and finding one with discoloration is almost impossible According to the Diamond scale for color, a moissanite ring is in K- grade whereas a diamond ring weighs from D to J with no yellow or green tints. Moissaniterings have some icy whiteness color found in diamonds and they appear slightly tinted..  Color concentration of moissanite rings alters between quality levels. A classic moissanite ring is greenish-yellow in color whereas a forever one moissanite is colorless. Diamond rings on the other hand have varying colors although most rings today are nearly colorless

5. Brilliance

Brilliance means the ability to glitter.  Both of these rings sparkle. Moissanite rings are cut differently and thus they are less colorful and clear than diamond rings. Diamond rings exhibit a rainbow colored light while moissanite rings do not. Moissanite rings have extraordinary radiant fire that sometimes creates a prism of colors. The brightness on moissanite rings is very impeccable considering thata few diamonds have some sorts of blemishes.  This type of ring is also less likely to attract dirt compared to a diamond ring as it glitters the more in between cleanings. Although diamond rings sparkle, moissanite rings glitter and reflect more. A moissanite ring does not possess similar refractive elements of a diamond ring because it is a doubly reflective ring.


6. Fake diamond rings?

Many people refer to moissanite rings as fake diamond rings because they resemble diamonds. However, leading Australian engagement ring designers will tell you that this this is not true because moissanite is a different gem stone on its own. These rings have different chemical and physical properties from diamond rings. It is made of silicon carbide while diamonds are made of carbon.It is however not easy to distinguish the two and only jewelry experts are trusted to tell the difference.

7. Light or heavy?

A moissanite ring is lighter than a diamond ring. It weighs approximately 15% less than a diamond ring. Some people believe that the heavier the ring the better but people have different preferences.


Moissanite rings and diamond rings are confusing to a lot of people. This is because they seem to have similar features which are very hard to distinguish. Both of them are very hard and durable not to talk of their attractive sparkly nature. Diamonds rings are adored because of their sparkle and have been I the market for very long. They are however very expensive and getting a real diamond ring can be quite hard. Many people prefer diamond rings to moissanite rings although the rings have better clarity, extreme brilliance and are very affordable.