Check Out The Symptoms Of Dry Eyes

There is no denying the fact that even when you are happy, your eyes are filled with tears. Do you know the reason behind it? Well, it is the tears that offer lubrication and moisture in order to help you see in the right manner.

Let us first understand what a tear precisely consists of. A tear is a mixture of the following:

  • Oils, for lubrication
  • Mucus, for spreading
  • Water, for moisture
  • Proteins that keep the infection away
  • Antibodies, to avoid infection in the eye

The ingredients come from glands which are present near the eye. However, if your eyes are dry, then it means that the tear system is not functioning in the right manner. This is when you may come across dry eye symptoms.

In case the tears do not offer sufficient moisture to the eyes, you might come across the below mentioned:

  1. Feeling like something is there in the eye
  2. Redness
  3. Itchiness
  4. Vision issues
  5. A gritty feeling
  6. Light sensitivity

There are times when dry eyes give rise to many tears. This condition is known as reflexes tearing. This is also one of the symptoms of dry eyes. You may be thinking what gives rise to dry eyes, well it is nothing but the lack of moisture in your eyes. For more and proper lubrication, it sends a signal from the nervous system. It is the body that sends so many tears to make up for the dryness that has arised. Basically, it is something like when some sand enters your eyes and you feel itchy. Nevertheless the tears are usually water which is why you cannot refer to them as normal tears. These tears take away all the dirt present in the eyes, however they also coat the surface of your eyes.

Dry eyes syndrome symptoms

There are times when there is a lack of balance in the tear flow system. Or, the heater, air conditioner, or other things can dry out the tear film. Other causes consist of the below mentioned:

  1. The aging procedure which is natural
  2. Menopause
  3. Effects of drugs like antihistamines
  4. Issues that do not let the eyelids close in the right manner
  5. Certain conditions that affect the ability to make tears
  6. Collagen vascular diseases

What to do to get your dry tired eyes treated?

There are a number of options to opt from when it comes to treating dry tired eyes. To find out the options, get in touch with a reliable and experienced doctor. Some of the treatments consist of:

  1. Artificial tear ointments and drops: This is one of the most common treatments. A number of drops are available at the medical store. Since, no one product works wonders for the patient, you need to find out which one is apt for you. However, it is recommended by the professionals to use drops when you have chronic dry eyes or they won’t stay wet enough. In addition to this, make use of an ointment if your eyes are dry while you sleep.
  • Testosterone cream: Lack of testosterone in the oil glands is another reason why you may suffer from dry eyes. This is when your doctor may recommend using a testerone cream. You have to apply the cream on the eyelids. This way your oil glands will work in the right manner.

The Key Takeaways

These are some of the symptoms of dry eyes. Get in touch with a doctor if the situation is getting worse. They will surely offer the best treatment at genuine rates. To find out more about dry eyes symptoms, feel free to consult a doctor. These are individuals with immense knowledge. Whatever the problem is, they will look into the matter and offer a treatment keeping in mind your requirements.