You can’t dispute that it’s the truth – to strengthen the foundation of your house is more important than strengthening what’s built on it. Building a house relies heavily on the foundation, and any damage to it can have a devastating effect on the structure and unfortunately, also on its occupants. Because of their proximity to the ground and water, the house’s stumps are particularly vulnerable. You must know that stumps like this support the entire weight of your residence.

What is a restumping of a house, and why is it necessary?

House restumping melbourne is the replacement of your home’s rotting stumps. To replace the destroyed stumps, the house is partially or entirely lifted. This allows for the renovation of the house and the restoration of the proper structural integrity of the building.

What causes stump damage?

A variety of factors can cause the decay of house stumps. For the sake of your home’s structural integrity, let’s try to acquire a clear picture of what’s causing it and keep an eye on it. Here are 4 causes:

  • Soil moisture content increases the risk of stump degradation. Damage is more likely to occur on stumps made of wood. Soil moisture should be monitored regularly. Any exposed sewage lines in or around your home can contribute to the soil’s wetness, so keep an eye on them.
  • Inspect the sewage lines for leaks regularly. Contact a plumber immediately if you discover any leaks, as they can quickly worsen if left unattended.
  • As your house ages, the stumps might penetrate deeper into the earth, resulting in additional structural issues. Only one house component can have structural problems, causing the structure to lose its proper form.

Look for these signs:

If you’re aware of the early signs of decaying stumps, it can save you your home’s health and some bucks. Following are 3 common indicators that might tell you whether or not your house needs to be restumped:

  • There’s unevenness visible in the house’s floors.
  • Cracked walls might also indicate the deterioration of a house’s stumps.
  • Structural problems in the house may be blamed if the doors won’t close properly.

Seek advice from an expert right after you discover any of the above defects, as even a passing familiarity with these defects could lead to a complete or partial collapse of your home. If you discover that your home needs restumping, make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible. The cost of delaying repairs can be substantial.

Is restumpting really that expensive?

  • Needless to say, rebuilding a house can cost you a fortune. Whereas, restumpting will not cost you as much. Typically, building a single stump costs between $400 and $500. Several factors can help you determine how much it will cost to restump your home. You can talk these out with your expert service provider upon visual inspection of your house.
  • Your property’s height can affect how much it costs to restump your home, necessitating more complicated machinery if you’re building a tall house.
  • How much it costs depends on how many stumps you need. The removal of every stump can increase the total cost of the surgery. The experts will plan the placement and quantity of stumps according to the house’s needs.
  • The extent of damage is also a determining factor. It can save time and energy if the previous constructions are not completely useless.
  • The cost and time required to restumping the house will depend on the stumps you install. Both concrete and steel stumps are long-lasting and sturdy. Steel or concrete stumps are the norm these days. Concrete stumps take longer to build, so the labor costs will increase, resulting in a higher price tag.


If you’re thinking of having your house restumping, the advice above will be surely helpful for you.