Sloping Homes

People who live on a hillside or along the coastal line, tend to hire sloping block builders to build their dream homes. If you are one of the individuals who want a house to be built on one of the slopes to take in the view every morning and night, you need to contact the sloping block builders. They are home builders who specialise in creating customised homes on slopes. The result may be beautiful, but building the home on a slope, proves to be quite a challenge for the sloping block builders. 

Here are some of the common challenges that are faced by them:

Sloping Block Builders

  • Sloping blocks require special attention. The house needs to be constructed specially. Only sloping block builders know how to design a home on a sloping block.
  • Houses cannot be built on a sloping block unless a solid flat foundation has been provided. Since the ground is sloping, the builders have to work first to lay a flat and a strong foundation before they can build on it.
  • The drainage is yet another challenge that the builders have to face while building your home on a slope. The builders need to plan out a drainage system in these homes to make sure the water does not get collected at the foot of the hills or behind the walls because moisture can cause severe damage to the infrastructure of the house.
  • To create a house on a slope, builders often cut into the blocks to create a flat area, to serve as the foundation of the house. Often, they may also need to place stumps and displace soil to another place.
  • The design needs to be such that it can take full advantage of the view. So the builders will have to be creative to think of a design that not only stands out but also provides comfort to the dwellers.
  • You and the builders need to figure out the advantages and the disadvantages of the sloping block and work around it.  

Things to Keep In Mind When Hiring Builders For Building A House On Sloping Blocks 

Sloping Block Builders

Sloping floors in your home can be a sign of foundation failure. You might notice these other problems as well – wall or ceiling cracks, gaps between the walls and the floor or ceiling, and sticking windows or doors.

When you are hiring builders for a house on the sloping block, you need to keep a few things in mind. You should not just hire anyone. Check their website and their portfolios. Check out the projects they have worked on and make it a point to check out the testimonial section as well. If the builder’s website does not have a testimonial section, connect to one of their previous clients, and have a discussion about them regarding their work ethic. If you cannot find previous clients, go to their social handles and see what people have to say about them.

Despite Popular Belief, Building A House on A Sloping Block Will Not Break Your Bank

Sloping Block Builders

Building a house on a sloping block is not expensive if you choose a builder or a designer who can guide yours in the right way where you can save some money. The cost depends entirely on the gradient of a slope. If the slope is too steep, the cost may be higher. This is simply due to the difficulties involved in building a house on a steep or an extreme slope. But if you have chosen a good builder, he or she will be able to work on such a site too.


It would be the best if you visit one of the completed project sites. The builder you choose must have the required experience to build a house on a sloping block.