Sandals have become the adventurer’s shoe. They are versatile in a way that very few shoes are. They are also very much in fashion according to our current standards.

One problem that many sandal wearers seem to be facing is how quickly their sandals wear down. If you are wearing the same pair of shoes every day, they are going to wear quickly. It is important to rotate shoes for many reasons and sandals are no exception.


Many people who wear sandals are trying to be as minimalistic as possible which makes it hard to excuse owning more than one pair of the same type of shoe at a time. Owning several pairs of sandals is actually a better way to use your sandals and will save money in the long run. Here are a few reasons why you should own more than one pair of sandals.

1. General Wear and Tear

Wearing one pair of shoes every day is going to be very hard on the soles of that poor pair of shoes. It is also going to be hard on your feet. This is why it is important to rotate what shoes you are wearing throughout the week.

Shoes, including sandals, have a cushioned sole to prevent your feet from getting sore and to give you the support you need. After a full day of wear, those soles are squished and sweaty. It takes a while for your shoes to bounce back and for your shoes to dry out.

Switching out your shoes every day or two keeps your shoes in better condition and prevents the growth of fungus. It is recommended that you buy two pairs of the same shoe to switch out so you can always be wearing your favorite shoe. This will also make your shoes last longer so you can get your money’s worth.

2. Different Uses

Sandals are a very versatile shoe. It is one of the reasons they have become so popular and so many people choose to wear them everywhere. Still, certain sandals are made for different activities and you should have different sandals depending on where you intend to go.

Certain sandals have more support and traction for hiking and more intense adventures. Other sandals are more for comfort and ease of walking. It is important that you have several pairs of sandals so you do not injure your feet while doing more intense activities that your sandals might not have been made for.

The reason there are so many different types of sandals is so you can have the comfort of sandals while doing any activity. These sandals are made to protect your feet during all kinds of different activities while still remaining comfortable. Having different sandals for different activities will protect your feet and help all your sandals last longer.

3. Built To Last

Sandals have existed for thousands of years. For many cultures, they were, and are the premiere shoe. This makes sense when you consider how intelligent the design of even your most basic sandal is.

Sandals are a shoe that is built to allow your feet to breathe which prevents the terrible smell and fungus that often come with closed-toe shoes. They are also built with a sturdy but flexible base which is made to prevent your feet from getting injured while still moving with you. These features give you all the grip and mobility of going barefoot while still protecting your feet from the harsh ground and elements.

This is a shoe that is meant to last as long as possible in as many different environments as possible. Sandals are built sturdy and built to last. As long as you make sure the environment you are in is what your sandals are made to endure, you can be assured your shoes will last and protect your feet from anything you throw at them.


4. Fashion

We all know that there are some sandals that are built more for function than fashion. They are made to get you through a river and up a mountain with your feet intact not to make you look great. Luckily, there are also sandals that offer great mobility while still looking good.

Just because sandals are made for adventures and protecting your feet does not mean they can’t still be fashionable. There are many sandals made strictly to look good and others that will get you where you want to go while still being attractive. Many people still think of sandals as something ugly but those people have not seen modern sandals that protect your foot and look better than any tennis shoe.

Still, there are sandals made strictly for fashion that should not be worn on a hike or a long trip. These are made to look great at a party or on a date to a nice place. The versatility of having several sandals made for different occasions can not be overstated.

5. Ease Of Use

If you are still wondering why you should have a few pairs of sandals for your go-to shoes then the ease of use might clear things up for you. Sandals are easy to slide on and go which saves time and makes them the clear choice for people who do not want to worry about their feet on trips. They are also just easier to do everything with.

Sandals are small and lightweight making them the perfect shoe to pack for a trip while still leaving room for another pair or two. When they get wet they dry off quickly and are easy to take off if you need to replace them immediately. Even their soles are meant to spring back faster than your average tennis shoe or hiking boot would be able to.

The main reason sandals are so popular is because they are made to be the exact shoe you need on any occasion. Having a few pairs gives you one for every occasion and helps all your sandals last longer. Sandals are made specifically to be easy to use and take everywhere with you making them the perfect shoe for anywhere you want to go.


Sandals have lasted for thousands of years because they are an intelligently made shoe that is only getting better with technology. Having a few pairs of sandals will help your shoes last longer and ensure you have the right shoe for every occasion. Those are some of the reasons you need more than one pair of sandals.