The jade face roller or the chi natural jade roller is a secret weapon that men and women use to look young. While some have no clue about it, most of them who have been using this fantastic gemstone roller have been looking ageless and beautiful. Before we learn about how you could identify a real jadestone to a fake one in the jade face roller, let us read about everything about the jadestone benefits that this stone brings over here.

Origin of the Jade Face Roller:

The chi natural jade roller that we all use today is not a facial tool new in the market. It has the real jadestone shaped in the form of a rolling stone. A handle holds this stone. Although it is a modern anti-aging tool, the stone has been used by the ancient Chinese and ancient Egyptians too. It is known to have skin reinvigorating and skin healing properties that kiss the skin and make it healthy, youthful, and beautiful. The jade face roller, when rolled over the facial skin, has not one, but many benefits. Here are some of the benefits listed out.

Benefits Of The Chi Natural Jade Roller:

Face Roller

  • Wrinkle Vanishing – As you massage your face with the jade face roller, there will be a production of skin tightening fibers – collagen and elastin. These fibers help in disappearing the wrinkles and making the skin look young.
  • Puffiness Reducing – The chi natural jade roller has the jadestone known for its cooling properties. Puffiness in the face happens due to water retention in the skin cells. With the cooling property of the jadestone, the puffiness gets reduced.
  • Facial Detoxification – The face region contains lymphatic drainage embedded with the skin cells. When the jade face roller rolls over the face, the lymphatic drainage gets activated, and the toxins get removed from the skin cells.
  • Blood Circulation – Any massage improves blood circulation. A massage with the chi natural jade roller also aids in blood circulation, and this action makes every single cell receive oxygenated blood.
  • Skin Smoothening – The cooling properties of the jadestone in the jade face roller traps moisture in the skin pores and shrinks it. This roller makes significant skin pores narrower, and the skin becomes smooth. The blemishes fade away with the massage of the chi natural jade roller, and the skin will be left flawless.
  • Skin Hydration – The jade face roller is a cooling stone roller. When the roller moves over moist skin, it makes molecules of moisture seep into the skin and traps them by closing the pores. In this way, the skin gets moisturized and hydrated very well.

Real Jade Face Roller vs. Duplicated Jade Face Roller

All of the skin benefits mentioned above only happen when if you use a jade face roller made of real jade stone. Here is how you identify the stone.

  • Black tinges – The real jadestone has specks if black impurities in it. If you are using a jade face roller that has no black marks on it, the stone is not original.
  • Coldness – Natural jade stones are cold. Even if you rub them on your skin, the coldness prevails. If your jade face roller is not cool, it is not made out of a natural jade stone.
  • Light reflection – Place the jade face roller in water. If the stone reflects light, it is real, and if it doesn’t, it is artificial.

Here is everything about the jade face roller that you had to know. Make sure you pick up a chi natural jade roller and not an artificial one.