Office Annoyances

Productivity is essential in any business. Without it, your profit margins drop, and your bottom line suffers. Unfortunately, many things can slow your team down, leading to this very problem. Out of everything affecting the average workplace’s productivity levels, these are among the most frustrating and common:

Slow Computers

Since many business owners and managers don’t align themselves with leading managed service providers, their employees are left to combat slow computers that frustrate them on a daily basis. Any number of things can result in a slow, laggy, and unresponsive computer system, and the average employee doesn’t have time to troubleshoot every potential problem.

While they wait for computers to turn on, programs to load, and screens to unfreeze, they’re sitting idle, and even a few minutes here and there can lead to several hours of unproductive time each month.

Poor Communication

It can take an entire team to bring a project to a successful conclusion with a satisfied boss and a thrilled client. However, if there is no suitable platform on which all employees can communicate, information will fall through the cracks, and deadlines will keep getting pushed out.

Taking advantage of team messaging platforms with file sharing capabilities will make this is a problem of the past. All crucial information can be relayed through a single avenue, and there won’t be any time wasted chasing people up through email.

Insufficient IT Resources

Research shows that employees can lose 7.6% of productive time from having poor IT resources, especially if combined with inadequate computer skills. That equates to over four and a half minutes of unproductive time for every hour worked, adding up to three unproductive hours per employee per week.

Computers are now integral for the average business, but many managers fail to prioritize their efficiency and suitability for the job. Fortunately, there are several solutions to this problem. For example, workplaces can align with managed service providers, train employees to solve basic problems, and invest in more resources for their help desk.

Outdated Technology

Technology is constantly evolving and improving, and businesses can soon outgrow the computer systems that were once more than satisfactory for their needs. If employees are working with outdated technology, they’re undoubtedly wasting precious time in their average working day.

Even decades-old studies have painted a telling picture of the value of working with the best technology for productivity. If you aren’t providing your team with the most up-to-date and relevant computer systems for your industry, you might be causing a great deal of frustration that significantly impacts your productivity levels.

A Lack of Remote Access

Hybrid teams are becoming more common throughout a range of industries like tech, financial services, and even construction. Not only do hybrid workplaces benefit from access to more talented job candidates, but they also avoid many of the frustrating problems experienced by businesses requiring in-office workers.

When employees have appointments, errands to run, or even sick children at home, they often have to take time off work, which can put them behind on their tasks and negatively impact the business. When remote access is possible, they can fit their work tasks around their personal obligations without needing to request leave.

The average employee will face endless frustrations throughout the working week, but the ones that slow them down and make them less productive can have the biggest impact. If you’ve noticed a productivity slump in recent weeks, get to the bottom of why that is. You might just find that by solving a workplace challenge, you can see those productivity levels rise once more.