There are different methods that are used for drilling nowadays. One of the most used ways among them is diamond core drilling. It is one of the most efficient and rapid methods when compared to all the other drilling procedures. The technique is much in use these days because of the many advantages that it comes with.  It is noise-free, safe and eco-friendly drilling alternative that keeps the nearby structures safe. If you are not sure whether you should use diamond drilling processor not, then here we have listed all the advantages of this method.  Let’s first understand what a diamond drilling method is.

What Is Diamond Core Drilling?

It is a type of drilling technique that is done using a rotary drill and diamond drill bit australia. They are both attached together to drill and create properly measured holes. Diamond is a naturally occurring material with sharp ends that makes it capable of creating holes in all the metals, glass and even concrete. It allows you to create clean and accurate holes because it is a non-persuasive technique. You can operate them in both vertical and horizontal direction.

Benefits Of Diamond Core Drilling


1. Saves Time

If you use diamond core drilling, you will have to remove very less material from the hole, because it cuts on the periphery of the hole. Thus the entire process is considered to be 4 to 5 times faster than regular drilling processes. If you need to make bigger holes when using a metal saw or twist drill bit, you will need to do pre-drilling and step drilling operations. It makes the entire process much more time-consuming. But in diamond core drilling, these steps are eliminated. Advanced core drillers have fewer teeth, which also increases the speed of drilling.

2. Saves Energy

Core driller machines require less thrust and less energy to drill any type of surface because they don’t have to cut through the entire surface.

3. Much Better Finish

If you make a hole with diamond core drilling, it is much more accurate and precise.

4. Easy To Operate

It is effortless to make holes in difficult angles and small spaces if you go through the process of diamond core drilling. Moreover, these machines have very low RPM and can be used with portable and light-duty machines.


5. Size Variations

You can find diamond core drills in a variety of sizes. That may start from 12 mm to 150 mm of diameter. You can also find various cutting depths in these machines.

6. Re-Sharpening

You can easily reshape diamond drillers and reuse them again and again for drilling.

7. No Fractures

It is also popular because it eliminates the chances of fractures.You can drill and complete the installation, insertion or any other operation without any delay. You can cut and make holes of any sizes on almost all the locations or surfaces. You can make a hole of 70 inches’ diameter without any fracture on the surface.

8. Requires Fewer Workers

These drills are easy to operate and need less work force, which lowers the cost of the project.

9. Reduced Waste

Diamond drilling efficiently reduces the amount of dust and debris because it creates holes with minimal damage to the surface and surroundings.

10. Keeps Nearby Structures Safe

Drilling can create vibrations that can weaken nearby structures, but with diamond core drilling, surrounding properties are safe.

11. Cuts Through Most Rigid Materials

Diamond core drilling is known to cut through the toughest and densest surfaces. No matter how hard your surface is, it will make a hole. Thus it is one of the most preferred methods these days.

Mentioned above are few of the many advantages you can achieve through diamond core drilling method.