In areas where winters are chilly and a stand-alone can hardly comfort you, ducted heating systems come as a saviour. Instead of dragging your blanket and comforter all the time, it is better and more comfortable to stay warm and cozy in the warm air of ducted heaters. Whether gas heating or electric operated, these systems do need maintenance and care to offer optimum services. These are also necessary for the safety of the household property. And when have a ducted system, you will also need a ducted heating maintenance.

A basic central gas heating system consists of five main components:

  • Heater
  • Vents/flues
  • Insulated circuit of ducts and hoses
  • Heat exchanger
  • Thermostat

A ducted gas heating system is one of the most popular heating systems for its comfort and efficient heating mechanism. The mechanism followed in this system is quite simple. It draws in cold air from outside and heat it. Then, the heated air is distributed throughout the house through the channel of ducts and vents to reach out to every corner of your house. However, to keep this process undisturbed, you would need an efficient ducted heating maintenance.

How Often is a Ducted Heating Maintenance Required?

Many people using ducted heating systems are not aware of the carbon monoxide leak or the amount of dust that could be accumulated inside the heating system. The primary functional layout of the system includes drawing in air from outside. This air is full of dust. The dust gets filtered by the ducted heating filter. Now, you can imagine the amount of dust that gets collected on the fans inside the system. This accumulation intensifies in cases where there are no filters to hold back this dust. Now, too much dust can not only hinder the performance of the heater, but it can also lead to higher energy bills as the system would require greater effort for heating. Sometimes, dust can lead to cause health problems with the fan motor, lead to risks of allergies, etc.

According to most heating system manufacturers, you must conduct annual maintenance and complete check-in every 2 to 3 years of the burner and gas pressure, flue, thermostat, heat exchanger, regulator, air filter, fan, or any hoses. Essential tests like natural gas and Carbon monoxide leak test should be conducted at least once a year. It is recommended to get everything checked and maintained before the winter approaches. Therefore, you would need the ducted heating maintenance services.

Heating System Requires Maintenance Signs:

Well, beyond routine maintenance, there are signs that tell you that your ducted heating needs maintenance or repair.

  • Cold air blowing out of vents instead of hot air
  • Unusual whining or rattling sound
  • Soot accumulation
  • If rotten egg-like smell comes out, it indicates gas leakage.
  • Weak air movement
  • The heating system does not turn on
  • The pilot light indicator blows off
  • Overheated walls, discolored walls, irritation in eyes or skin when you go near vents

Exclusive Care:

To avoid health problems that can occur due to under maintenance of your heating system need to be addressed as and when you can spot them. Check for:

  • Growth of any mold in or around the heating system ducts
  • Dust accumulation inside the system
  • Any signs of inhabitation by rats, insects, mice, etc.

Safety comes before care. If you become careful about the maintenance requirements, you can surely avoid the health risks, or property damage. Being alert and adhering to manufacturer-recommended maintenance checks every year can also enhance the durability and performance of your heating system. All you need to do is follow an annual routine for your ducted heating maintenanceschedule by some licensed professional service.