Patio Doors

Patio doors have become popular among homeowners in the UK because of their practical design that significantly adds to the appearance and functionality of residential properties.

There are plenty of elements that would compel you to choose either style or function, but sliding anduPVC patio doors can deliver both. It is a great option for extending living spaces.

If you want to upgrade your doors, read further to learn about the different types of patio doors and the benefits that can be had from them.

3 Types of Patio Doors to Choose From

Patio Doors

1. In-line sliding patio doors

An in-line sliding patio door will provide you with an entryway to your outdoor space. This is the best option for dining rooms, kitchen, and living rooms. You can effortlessly open and close it by grabbing the handle and pulling it along its track.

Manufacturers continue to make this type of door more functional.Spectus patio doors, for instance, have combined thermal performance, security, and great looks to make your home nicer and more comfortable to live in.

2. Folding sliding doors

Also known as bi-fold doors, folding sliding doors slide open while their panels fold up against the wall. Usually, these doors have two to seven panels connected using hinges and attached to rollers at either the bottom or top area.

The best thing about this type of patio door is that it has a door that opens like the traditional door at one end, which is beneficial during the colder months.

3. Triple-track

As compared to traditional patio doors, a triple-track option has more individual panes that you can easily slide, offering more flexibility. If you open it, you can neatly stack a maximum of three panes behind each other. Also, it has fewer vertical frames and an improved glass that can boost the natural light that enters your home by up to 25%.

Security and Locks

Some homeowners may hesitate to have patio doors installed because they fear that burglars can easily break into them. But with today’s tech advancements, manufacturers have made sure that such crimes won’t happen by integrating security features in their products. These include a security head rail, interlock bolts, a PAS 24 handle, a security keep rail, and an anti-bump cylinder.

Due to the fact that your door will most probably be made-to-order, you can customize the security features that you wish to add to your doors. And even with all these security measures, you can be assured that your door will still be aesthetically appealing.

4 Benefits of Patio Doors

1. They let natural light in

Patio doors became popular because of their ability to let sunlight enter your home. Allowing the natural light in offers plenty of benefits. These include helping your body to maintain its natural sleep pattern, improving your mood, and delivering vitamin D. Furthermore, it boosts the interior’s atmosphere.

Letting in more sunlight is indeed an easy way to enhance the interior beauty of your home.

2. They come with energy savings

The use of patio doors will significantly decrease your energy consumption because when natural light enters your home through these, you won’t need to switch on the lights. And once it becomes too hot in the middle of the day, you can just open the patio doors to allow the fresh breeze in instead of turning on your AC system, which works harder on the hottest times of day.

3. There is more available space inside

Traditional doors often swing inward, thus requiring clearance each time you open it. This can be a hassle if you have limited indoor space, especially in terms of positioning your furniture.

But with patio doors, you can slide these left and right, allowing you to position things easily whenever you want to.

4. They offer a nice view

Revel in your property’s great view by having patio doors installed. Through these doors, you can watch the sunrise and the sunshine that enters your home, view the dramatic storms, and admire the lawn and landscape you have in your yard.

Indeed, patio doors are your best option if you want to enjoy these scenic views while drinking a cup of coffee or reading your daily newspapers.

Patio doors ensure that the connection between your interior and your outdoor space is seamless. The benefits these provide are endless. Just make sure to choose doors that suit your living space – don’t just get the first door that you find.

Instead, it is far better to have your doors custom-made by visiting a reputable patio door manufacturer. These are experts, so expect that you will get a patio door that truly suits your home, and comes equipped with stylish security features.


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