In our homes we must have encountered with a situation when we face blocked sewers and slow drains and blocked pipes then you need to think about getting professional help to clean the drains effectively. Blocked Drains are a major problem in every household and one cannot let it go because it can damage the entire pipeline. You need to understand the drainage system of your place to evaluate your exact cleaning needs. Different objects like hair, nails, tissue, etc. can get lodged in certain parts of the drainage system, in turn, leading to inefficient flow of water, wastes, etc.
Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Classification of Drains:

Drainage pipes differ according to the functions they perform:

  • Drainage pipes – represent a funnel with a lattice, as well as a pipe for discharge of drains. In this case, the lattice is installed in the plane of the roadway, and in the sides of the funnel there are holes (slots) that allow moisture from the thickness of the house to flow into the funnels and be removed in an organized way. The task of the drain pipe is to intensively remove water and wastes from the surface of the kitchen, bathroom, etc., and also to help remove moisture.
  • External pipes – These are a funnel with a grille, installed directly under the pavement outside the house, turning the waterproofing layer on the funnel socket. The task of the drainage tube is to remove moisture directly from the body of the roadway in front of the house.

Why Should You Clean Blocked Drains?

Clean Blocked Drains

Clean Blocked Drains

If the drainage system of your house is blocked and ineffective, you can face the following issues:

  • Moisture can get accumulated in significant quantities in the floors of the house; its removal is difficult. With blocked drains, the moisture stagnates in the house surface, as its waterproofing layer is hampered by the bearing concrete structures of the house.
  • Erosion of mineral binders from asphalt, and its increased wear.
  • The destruction of asphalt due to the development of cracks.
  • In places of defects of the waterproofing layer, moisture penetrates to the bearing concrete surfaces, and causes their destruction.
  • Intensive wear of the house surface during freeze-thaw cycles.

The regular cleaning of drains and drainage pipes can significantly reduce the detrimental effects of the above factors. The experience of avoiding blocked drains showed an increase in the wear resistance of the house surface from 2 to 3 times.

Advantages of Using Professional Cleaning Services:

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

You can get the following benefits by opting for a professional service:

  • Safety: Handling chemicals can be dangerous and improper usage can lead to accidents and injuries. Also, basins, floor, etc. can get damaged due to ineffective handling of acids. It is best to let experts handle the cleaning.
  • Long term sustenance: If a specialized professional cleans your drains, you can rest assured that the job will be thorough and detailed. The root cause of the blockage issue will be identified and fixed, in turn, leading to long term sustenance of the solution.
  • Range: There can be different types of issues related to blocked drains, and, each issue might need a different type of tool and strategy. A professional cleaning company is equipped to handle all sorts of drainage problems and will be able to fix any issue easily due to their access to a wide variety of state of the art equipment.
  • Economical: By hiring a professional once, you can avoid repeated costs of buying cleaning chemicals, suction pipes, etc. Also, the remunerations are quite nominal usually.

It can be concluded that, if you have a blocked drain, you should immediately hire a professional cleaning company.