Rodents have always managed to share our living space, and there are many ways to keep pests at bay. We have progressed a lot over the past 2 decades regarding effective pest control methods, and the vast majority of homeowners opt for an electronic device that does the job without using harmful chemicals.

Electronic Pest Control Devices

How do they work? The device plugs into any wall socket and sends electromagnetic pulses along the wiring, which happens to be something that rodents hate! Rather than killing these poor creatures, you are simply making them relocate, which they will. Tests have shown that rats and mice do not like these pulses, and once the unit is plugged in, any rodents will pack up and leave. If you would like to purchase such a device, an online search will take you to a supplier.

Harmless Signals

The electromagnetic pulse will not harm your cat or dog, while ultrasonic devices can cause an animal discomfort, and by sending pulses of energy along your electrical wiring, you are sure to reach these four-legged creatures, who always use the same grids. This innovative device has been hailed as the most effective pest electronic repeller, and with online suppliers, you will soon be able to send a shocking message to your rodent visitors. 

Naturally Safe


Image Source: Home Shielders

There are no toxic chemicals or other harmful substances with electrical pest control, and the target creatures are not harmed in any way – they simply do not like the pulsing and that is usually the end of their occupation, unless, of course, you cease to use the device. You and your family will not be affected by the use of this device, and there’s nothing to clean up, all you are doing is creating an uncomfortable environment for the pests, and doing it in a very eco-friendly way.

Alternative Solutions

People have found many ways to rid pests, which would include the introduction of a cat, yet all of them have a downside. Pepper and cider vinegar work to a degree, but it is messy and certainly harmful to pets, and for many years, we have searched for the perfect solution, finally discovering that a series of short electromagnetic pulses is all it takes to say goodbye to rodents.

Online Suppliers


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If you would like to solve your pest issues, a Google search will take you to an online supplier, and by reading the information, you will know what model is best for your home. A secure online payment will see the units dispatched to your home address, thus eliminating mice completely. The supplier would typically issue a two-year warranty, and most have a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can’t really go wrong.

A single investment will ensure that your home is pest-free, making sure that you and your family have a clean and safe living environment. The device works silently in the background and placed in the right locations, will ensure that no mice or rats ever invade your home.