As, asbestos has excellent resistance to electricity and heat, it has been used for decades in the construction industry. Although governments prohibit the usage of this mineral in construction today, there are many old homes that had utilized asbestos in either plumbing or roofing.

The dangers of asbestos infestation arise from its ability to flake and crumble easily when subject to years of exposure to air, humidity, and other environmental conditions. These flakes, when airborne, can lead to many terminal illnesses after being inhaled. This is the reason why it is strongly suggested to have your houses checked for such fibers by licensed asbestos experts. In rare cases, the infestation can be left alone after it is enclosed or quarantined. But only a licensed expert can give you guidance on what to do.

Here, we shall be answering a few questions related to the hiring of asbestos experts and what they do at the site of infestation.

Why should I test for asbestos?

The answer is rather simple. If you commence renovations in a house that could be a possible site for asbestos infestation, you definitely run the risk of exposing yourself and people around you to airborne asbestos fibers. Do not forget that inhaling such fibers increases the risk of contracting mesothelioma, a form of asbestos cancer.

Asbestos Removal

What factors do I consider before hiring an asbestos expert to work in my home?

  1. The expert should be a licensed professional who can furnish the following documents:
    • Contractors license
    • Certifications for site workers and supervisors
    • Permit issued the department of health in that region
    • Manifest records for waste disposal
  1. Know how much the asbestos removal would cost and what services shall be rendered for the cost that you are paying.
    • Costs will vary depending on the size of the project, amount of asbestos that has to be removed, and time needed to conduct the removal process. You should be able to avail labor, air monitoring and waste disposal within the charges presented to you.
    • Here is an idea of the average charges that are going around in the market right now. Do note that these are estimated averages and should not be confused with the real charges. They shall serve as a point of reference for you.
Low cost (estimated) $500
Most spent average (estimated) Between $1,100 to $2,500
High cost (estimated) $4500
Average reported cost (estimated) $1,800
  1. Try and obtain testimonies or customer references from the asbestos expert you have chosen. This would give you a clear idea of the customer satisfaction availed from that experts’ services.
    • Try calling the references and enquiring about how the job was completed and if it was done adhering to the standards stipulated by government agencies.
  1. Try and obtain quotes from more than one contractor rather than accepting the first contractor’s quotes. This would ensure that you have time to compare costs and services rendered.
    • While doing this, ensure that you use the same description of the task to all those in your contractor pool to make a fair comparison.
    • Also request a written work plan from the experts.
    • Note that the contractor who visits your home for an inspection would give you the most realistic bid.
  1. This is a list of a few things you might come across when the experts are doing what they’re good at:
    • Removal of all non-contaminated objects (extra charges may be incurred).
    • Isolation of the work area from the rest of the site using plastic sheeting on the floors and walls.
    • Presence of a decon at the entrance of the work site. This is a three-chambered decontamination unit. Experts who wear personal protective equipment (PPE) shall be using this to enter and exit the work site.
    • A HEPA unit to contain airborne asbestos fibers.
    • Airless sprayer and air sample pumps.

Always remember that asbestos removal is not an easy task and that licensed professionals are your best bet at its containment and removal.