bedroom cleaning

Cleaning your bedroom is not difficult at all. Just like any parts of a house, you just need to allot time for it and approaches to do it can be read online these days. Below are some tips to tidy and organize your room without any hassle:

Use shelves

Your shelves should be organized. Open shelves are easy to use and you can actually style it with anything you desire. Put any necessary stuff inside the shelves such as bags, unused clothes, or anything. Put in on the corner of your room so it would not be messy.

bedroom cleaning

Organize jewelry

All your jewelleries should be organized so you can find them easily if your need to use them. You can display it or hang it. You use trays and cups to allow you see it instantly. If you have delicate pieces, it requires a legit jewelry box.

Make your bed

Cleaning your bedroom starts with making your bed in the morning. Once you are done with it, the rest is easy to do now. To make your bed, skip the top sheet first. Create a pillow sculpture and use one blanket on top of the bed. Your bed should have fewer items so it can be organized quick.

Vacuum your bedroom weekly

Your bedroom also needs a vacuum on a weekly basis. By doing this, you are avoiding dust to accumulate inside your room. You will reduce the amount of dust on your bedroom floor, table, chairs, and dresser. It also helps to avoid possible allergies.

Collect all clean clothes and fold and hung them

Your clean clothes should not be lying around your room as it will be dirty and gathers dust. These clean clothes should be folded and hung. Place them in your dresser in an organized manner. Get some hangers for the clean clothes and avoid just putting them in bed or tables for a long time.

Gather dirty clothes in one hamper

If you are a busy person and do not have time to organize all your dirty clothes, it is recommended to have a hamper inside your bedroom. Whenever you change your clothes, you can easily gather all used and dirty clothes in one place. In this way, it helps you to sort clothes for the laundry.

Wash your bedroom windows and walls

Dust is not only found in tables, dressers, and chairs but its presence can be seen on coat walls, ceiling fans, and windows. To wash your windows and walls inside your bedroom, you can do the following:

bedroom cleaning

Use a cotton mop to reach every corner and the high ceiling as well.

Use vacuum to clean out your heating and air conditioning vents.

For ceiling fan, clean the blade using old clothes to get all the dust and then use damp cloth afterwards

For window sills, use warm soapy water and microfiber cloth to wipe it. For the window, glass cleaner is recommended to polish it.

For the overhead light fixture that has removable globes, clean them by washing it in the sink and let it dry.

Moreover, use cloth and disinfectant spray to clean your doorknob and light switches.

Re-organize your room furniture

Furniture is also an important of a bedroom. One of the things that make room cleaning difficult is the position of your furniture. You can leave a bigger space inside your room if you re-organize the furniture. In this way, you can vacuum the floor easily, getting all the dust between bed, dressers, and other shelves.

Put some dividers

Do you want to clean your bedroom quickly? Put some dividers to your drawers. If you do this, you can organize small stuff such as underwear, socks, and handkerchief. Segment your pants, shirts, dress, and tops to avoid clutter. In short, dividers help you clean and organize your room fast.

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