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Driveways are private roads, used to access one or more structures or buildings.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete driveways are most common and the most familiar driveways to everyone. Though, the Exposed Aggregate Concrete driveways are preferred keeping its long-lasting nature in mind, one of the major drawbacks is that they get stained quite easily. Moreover, due to improperly compacted subgrade, or a disproportionate mix of concrete, over exposure to extreme climates, or even misalignments could result in small cracks, or color fading or uneven scaling.

Throwing out of such discolored or cracked parts and building a new driveway calls for heavy investment.  Such driveways are reparable, provided the structure is strong and the Exposed Aggregate Concrete is perfect.

This is where driveway concreting specialists come into the picture. These are experts with good quality of workmanship and experience in the construction of Exposed Aggregate Concrete driveways. Resurfacing specialists normally are a team of professionals who possess expertise in concreting and resurfacing services. They help the driveways, pools, and patios to get back a good appealing look.

These people help to restructure the driveways without shelling a huge amount of money, which would require for building a new driveway altogether.

What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete Resurfacing?

In simple terms, it is refurnishing or refurbishing of old driveways or Exposed Aggregate Concrete surfaces to modern and latest style, good-looking ones using specialized technologies. This can be done by doing a renovation work on the currently used driveways or surfaces. In some cases, the resurfacing specialists develop a new driveway, on the top of the existing driveway by covering the old one.

Services Provided by Resurfacing Specialists:

Resurfacing specialists offer various services. Some of them are given below:

Exposed Aggregate Concrete resurfacing: If the driveway does not have any major damages other than just cracks, scaling, or some apertures, then the best option is to do Exposed Aggregate Concrete resurfacing.  Apart from getting all the cracks and scaling covered, the driveway will be refurbished.

Pattern engravings: If the damage is limited to hairline crack or discoloration, Exposed Aggregate Concrete resurfacing will turn out to be a waste exercise. In such cases, the best option is to engrave a pattern on the surface of the driveway, where the minor flaws supersede with the new patterns and would help the driveway look modern and fashionable.

Slab jacking or hydraulic lifting: This is a specialized technique used for driveways with sunken concrete. This, normally, happens when the soil on which the Exposed Aggregate Concrete is established is not strong.  In such cases, instead of re-concreting or replacing a new layer of concrete, the resurfacing specialists bring back a slab to its initial position by pumping a perfect mixture of grout consists of sand, gravel, and cement. This is a technique, which help the driveway to get back to its normal shape without heavy investment.

Color revival or recoloring: Driveways, which are overly exposed to extreme weather conditions, failure in application of proper color at the time of construction, or spillage of stains and greasy substances on the floor etc. would lead to discoloration of the driveways. With the help of some ultraviolet staining products and a perfect sealer, some water based, or acid stain is applied, and thus the color is revived. This is one of the easiest and cost-effective methods of Exposed Aggregate Concrete resurfacing.

Driveway Concreting and Resurfacing Specialists

All you need to do is search online with the keyword’s driveway concreting specialists along with your city name. Ask about previous projects, read online reviews, experience, materials they use, etc. Ask family and friends too, if they know any reliable driveway concreting specialist. Request for a quote from 3-4 specialists and take an informed decision after comparing everything.