The “Nature Island” of the Caribbean; none other than Dominica is as fascinating as its wildlife. The island’s beautiful and lush terrain is a home ground to many different species of birds and animals. Serene and nature-filled beaches have all it takes to attract the mass of land crabs, turtles as well as whales in deep waters. Here’s how you can explore marine and wildlife up, close and personal with a valid Dominica citizenship by investment.

Birds in Dominica

There’re more than 200 species of birds on the island of Dominica of which approximately one-third are native species. You’ll be surprised to find four different varieties of hummingbirds flying around in brilliant colours. Sisserou; is the national bird which is actually a red-necked Macaw and very rare.

Other interesting bird species include a broad-winged hawk, teal, peregrine falcon, mountain whistler, mangrove cuckoos, barn owl, brown boobies, ground dove and a dozen more. If you’re lucky bearer of Dominica citizenship by investment, it’s a chance to mingle with the bird species every day.

Taking Pet Bird’s Care is a rewarding endeavor that enhances both your life and that of your feathered friend.

Reptiles: Frogs, lizards & snakes on the island

Well, not everyone love getting near to scaly and crawly reptiles but for those conducting wildlife research or simply daze at nature’s amazing creations, the island promises just that as well. Here you’ll find four different species of snakes that includes boa constrictor, gecko, tree lizard, anole lizards and Dominican mountain chicken (commonly used in cooking) that adds delicacy to the cuisine.

Bats, butterflies & mammals too

A large number of elusive wild pigs roam the island alongside the agouti (an herbivorous land rodent) and opossum. There’re around 12 different species of bats that live in the rainforest as well as in the fisherman caves along the seaside. So far, approximately 50 different species of butterflies has been discovered and 60 genres of beetles. Then there’re centipedes, stick insects and fireflies that you’ll find interesting.

Dominica land crabs & turtles

Every year, four different types of turtles land on the beaches of Dominica to lay eggs and a mass of land crabs that move all the way from the rainforest to coastline for breeding. Although land crabs are fall in the list of “protected species”, they can be harvested at any time of the year and a main ingredient of Creole; a traditional recipe and cuisine of Dominica.

Dolphins & whales

Another sight worth enjoying with Dominica citizenship by investment is of the whales and dolphins that swim close to the island’s east coast as well as in deep waters far to the west shoreline. Even whales and dolphins come in a variety of different sizes and colours that’ truly amazing and depict nature’s wonderful creation.

The marine life

Dominica boasts some amazing diving and snorkelling spots for locals and tourists. This is due to the deep waters, healthy reefs and dramatic walls that preserve the sea life and underwater scenery surrounded by mountainous land. Marine life around Dominica includes barracuda, horse-eye, grunts, tuna, yellowtail snapper, sand eels, shrimps and much more.


So it’s about time you make the most of your Dominica citizenship by investment and explore nature in all its glory up-close!