May has come and gone and taken two glorious Bank Holiday weekends with it. If you managed to find the time to put a day or two of those long weekends to good use and do some DIY jobs around the house, well one!

If you didn’t, then not to worry. But, it’s a good idea to get on top of them sooner rather than later so you can enjoy the summer without niggling thoughts about little problems in your home.

“May is a great time to get on top of some home improvement jobs and do a spot of DIY, leaving you all ready to enjoy the summer” said Fulham estate agent, Lawsons and Daughters. “But, if you didn’t quite get around to them, there’ still time – you just need to make plans and stick to them.”

Mark a Weekend on the Calendar as Busy

If there are more than one or two small tidying up jobs that need your attention, then you need to get organised. Mark a weekend as busy on your calendar. Then, when friends and family ask you to attend an event, you’ll know you need to keep that one free.

Try and get to the DIY shops before that weekend too, so you can be fully prepared and get on with your jobs straight away on Saturday morning.

If you don’t think a weekend is long enough, or you’d rather get to work when everyone’s out of the house, taking a day or two off work is another option. Sure, no one wants to use their holiday for stuff that isn’t fun. But, if you do take time off to get the DIY done, you’re probably more likely to work hard and get the work completed.

Then you can enjoy the best of the summer weather, without worrying about those home improvement jobs that still need doing!

“Setting aside a specific date or dates to undertake some DIY or home improvement jobs is a great idea because it puts its firmly in your mind,” said Denhan Guaranteed Rent. “You could even use it as an excuse to get out of an event you just don’t want to attend, although that’s not something we recommend.”

DIY Home Improvement Jobs to Consider

Now you’ve got your weekend or dates marked off and you’re working out what tools and equipment you need, here’s a list of typical jobs that need doing ahead of summer. They include:

  • Hang some pictures.
  • Replace sockets.
  • Touch up wood work.
  • Hang wallpaper.
  • Lay/repair floorboards.
  • Paint your bathroom ceiling.
  • Touching up some plaster work.
  • Replace sections of skirting boards.

There are lots of other jobs that need doing, all specific to your own home, but these are pretty common jobs that many DIYers undertake to tidy things up and make improvements to.

Home improvement and DIY don’t always go well together, but there are many cases when they do,” said You Choose Windows. “Make sure to have a list of everything that needs doing and also additional jobs you’d like to do if you have the time. Make the time you’ve set aside count and impress your family too, with the amount of jobs you complete!”